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cindhiherd February 26, 2018
Love the symbolism here as shot from deeper water.
marcbaechtold May 13, 2018
nice work! Some nice colors and good contrast, keep shooting!
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Behind The Lens

This photo was taken in a client's home pool.
This image was taken mid-day. Early in the session it was very sunny but a summer storm came through and provided cloud cover. The clouds really helped smooth out the light on the model from the pool water.
atural light. This was my first underwater shoot and I wanted to keep it simple. I rented an underwater point and shoot that had a removable flash but I couldn't get the exposure adjusted with the flash so I abandoned ship and used a camera (another point and shoot) that I owned and knew what manual adjustments I could make. This image was very different from the images from the beginning of the session. Early on the session was very sunny and the waves caused lots of varied lighting from the water refraction. By this image, cloud cover came and gave nice soft light even under water.
I used a simple Canon Elph point and shoot in a waterproof bag. I knew what I could control which helped since the underwater camera I rented didn't work except in full automatic mode. The saving grace for the session was the weight belt I rented from a local dive shop!
This was an adventure. The model finds water wherever she goes so the pool maternity pictures were a must. For my vision I really wanted the full effect of weightlessness of water.
The pictures were JPG out of my point and shoot camera so the post processing really included increasing the contrast significantly and I also removed a few bubbles near the model's face. I didn't like the aspect ratio of the image so I copied the floor to get the offset feel of the image.
In my camera bag
I normally shoot with a Canon 6D. I carry a 430EX flash, Canon 24-70 f2.8, Tamron 70-200VC, Cannon 50mm f1.4, a grey card, and a flash light for low light focusing.
Keep it simple for your first time. All natural light. I focused on practicing poses with the model before we both held our breath...Literally and figuratively. The keep to keeping hair out of her face was to have the model get to the bottom of the pool, get in the pose, and slowly float to the top. I had a weight belt so I was able to keep in position under water during that time. I did not use any breathing devices so I just had to hold my breath.

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