Fall sunset on Trillium Lake at the heart of the Cascade Mountains, Mt Hood rises high above the lake with record low snow pack, Exposing the ancient rock which...
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Fall sunset on Trillium Lake at the heart of the Cascade Mountains, Mt Hood rises high above the lake with record low snow pack, Exposing the ancient rock which gives off a natural magenta tint, It's even more impressive to be there in person.
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Behind The Lens

Taken at the heart of the Cascade Range, Trillium lake is a man made lake when Mud Creek was dammed up back in the 60's by the Department of Fish and Wildlife, It is now a popular destination for Photographers and Weekenders, The lake was made not too far from Barlow Toll Road, Which was a safer alternative to get to Oregon City during the great migration.
It was taken in November, Around 4:30 to 5PM, Also a great time to do some Fishin'
The lighting had a very drastic change from the treeline to the sky, The treeline was in shadow, While the sky was lit by the sun, Which posed quite a challenge in Port Processing, I always shoot RAW so i managed to recover the detail from the clouds and trees, The sky was a couple stops over exposed, While the treeline was just a half a stop under exposed, After using many Gradients and Brush strokes, I recovered the sky and the treeline, Trying to be very careful to not sneak in any haloing.
At the time i was using a Sony A58 with the 18-55 kit lens, with a Ravelli tripod and Vanguard THB-100 ball head, Very basic setup, To the new guys out there, GEAR DOES NOT MATTER, Learn to shoot with what you have, It's a very useful skill to have, Of course some times a nice wide angle or telephoto lens is good to have, But learn to use your kit lens, You can always stitch multiple images for a wide angle effect.
It was my 2nd time at the lake, But first time during sunset, I scouted the area a week back, But that info quickly went out the window when i saw a fisherman standing at the edge of the dam, The lighting was perfect, I had 10 minutes at most before the light went away, I rushed to setup, Composed the image, And snapped the shot, I wanted to tell a story of a fisherman fishing in paradise, As he waits for a fish to bite, He's admiring the amazing beauty around him, An 11,329 foot mountain right in front of him, An almost perfect reflection, Perfect lighting, What more can you ask? Fishing in one of the most beautiful places in the world, At the foot of a dormant volcano.
I always shoot RAW, It allows me to unleash my creativity and let it run wild, This photo ended up being one of the hardest to process so far, The massive difference in lighting from the treeline in the shadows to the clouds in the sky, Ended up using lots of careful brush stroked and gradient filters to even the exposure out, Also brightened up the fisherman, To make him stick out a little more, Added a bit of yellow saturation to make the trees pop.
In my camera bag
Back then i was using a Sony A58 with the kit 18-55mm, Ravelli tripod w/ Vanguard TBH-100 Ball head, Shutter release cable, And basic cleaning supplies, Now i use a Vanguard VEO235AB tripod, TBH-100 Ball head, Nikon D7200 w/ 18-55 and 55-300, Wireless shutter release, basic cleaning supplies.
Enjoy the nature around you, It's important to get a feel for it, This may sound cliche but become one with nature, You can't just make a good photograph by just showing up, Snapping and leaving, You have to spend some time, Get a feel for it, What will your final image will be like, What is your favorite feature about it, All those things, Just relax, Don't stress over it, You drove all the way out there, Why not take a break for a few minutes and take it all in.

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