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amandawunder PRO+
amandawunder May 24, 2020
Very cute.

Behind The Lens

This shot was taken behind building by a little bush. I cut a hole in the suitcase and got my lovely model to climb into it. I took two images (one with just the background layer) and removed her body using photoshop. I love playing with concepts and colour.
I usually love to shoot on cloudy days. This was taken around 4pm on a sunny day. We had shade around us so the light was not harsh. We took only around 10 minutes shooting this image as I usually like to plan a shoot prior. I visited the location 2 days prior and knew exactly how I wanted it to look.
I LOVE natural light on overcast days or shaded areas. This image was taken with small areas of soft light coming through onto the flowers in the background. In post I like to highlight certain areas like the subject so that they really stand out from the background.
This shot was taken on a canon 5d mk 3 with a 35mm lens which is usually my go to and favourite lens.
I love to shoot unusual concepts and ideas that represent how I feel at the time. For this shot, I remember I was in a new role and I had just moved so I was feeling vulnerable and curious at the same time. I bought the suitcase from a local charity shop and I knew that I wanted to shoot outside by the Hydrangea bush. I wanted the concept to feel like it takes courage and curiosity to move on to a beautiful new chapter in your life.
I love to play with colour in post processing. I love to use Photoshop when editing single images. Originally the suitcase was blue but changing it pink I felt like it seemed more surreal. I also love to add a little contrast and I cloned any empty spots in the bush with more flowers.
In my camera bag
I love to travel light, so I love my camera bag, my 35mm lens, my 85mm lens and my camera body. I also love to play music when shooting as I feel like it creates the perfect mood.
If you are looking to create a concept think of the image as a little story. What story are you trying to tell? If I was to shoot this again I would love to create movement to greater the story. So I would add a hair flick to make it feel like there was a breeze. It adds layers to the story so it feels more real. The little details mean so much, it all adds to what you are trying to get across.

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