Purrfect Smile

A sweet rescue just relaxing in the shade from the hot summer heat.
A sweet rescue just relaxing in the shade from the hot summer heat.
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Behind The Lens

The Photo was taken on the front porch of my mothers home. Each photo is a new challenge, I love the composition in this shot specifically the casting of shadows.
Running late for a family dinner, I stumbled upon this sight and I had to capture it. After running to the car to grab my camera I had only moments to get this shot. This picture was taken at approximately 4:45pm CST on a cold February evening, and it is unquestionably my favorite image to date.
The lighting in this photo is completely natural, I felt no need to use OCF.
A full-frame Nikon D610 with a Nikkor 50mm 1.8 was the only equipment used. Not exactly my lens of choice for this picture but it was the lens I had on hand.
The cat in the photo was sleeping and that was my original intent for the photo, however by the time I returned with my camera he had awoken and thankfully not ran off.
In post I lightened the shadows faintly and added a warm tint.
In my camera bag
In my normal everyday bag I keep my Nikon D610 handy, the Nikkor 50mm 1.8 lens, a budget OCF, and a battery grip for backup. I like to travel light, less is sometimes more. Right?
Always be prepared to some extent, and ready for anything. Keep in mind the position of the sun at any given time when shooting outdoor photos in natural light, even in the shade.

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