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alexgriffiths poppyelisewilson Laura2 teresaschneider RuiFarinhas_Photography Svany DanielMila +47
Peer Award
MarcoFontanive19 Jackspratt garethfenney Esthercanida elenagwynne eelai dulceteixeira +45
Outstanding Creativity
jilllobley lorigoodbody emilies_oasis Linus2717 WolframPhoto photosbyliesa helmisucipto +27
Superb Composition
MarinaLisandra endeer johan345 jpaulberes masongsongmonica vertongentheo MasterDennis +25
Magnificent Capture
GrantPark janetcannon MythicHippo mikehood Hirondelle ghester361 andrewspicer_1902 +16
Absolute Masterpiece
Shamen deefagan REmmess himangishakya rogersphotography garycollins rosemarymatthews +6
Superior Skill
KCOTT53 Colaine frodeueland florence siobhanwalder GAMEBIRD91 maxlaurenzi
All Star
elenaez NaturalEyePhotography Christinecf ScooterbugPhotography evelynmeyers
katiem9349 August 24, 2016
Great action shot! Well done.
Pauldc1 PRO+
Pauldc1 August 24, 2016
Welcome to Viewbug, keep sharing your wonderful captures with the group.:)
Kabel August 24, 2016
Awesome shot! Keep up the great work
hemasaran August 24, 2016
Welcome to viewbug. I like your shot it looks like the gull grabbed a fry and is holding another gull between its feet .
judithannmayell Platinum
judithannmayell August 24, 2016
This image is well caught.
Rolenz Platinum
Rolenz August 24, 2016
Welcome to Viewbug. Great image look forward to seeing more of your images. Cheers Roy.
Lando201239 Ultimate
Lando201239 August 25, 2016
Nice shot !!
margitulstrup PRO
margitulstrup August 25, 2016
Awesome shot .. great .. welcome to viewbug ?
angelofacchini August 25, 2016
good shoot
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