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Rolenz Premium
Rolenz August 19, 2016
Welcome to Viewbug. Great image look forward to seeing more of your images. Cheers Roy.

Behind The Lens

In my hometown, specifically in a village of Greece, just outside my house
The photo was taken in the morning around 7am. While walking to school.
I have not done anything with the light, is just how the camera of my cell phone captured the moment.
As always I used the camera of my cell phones. I know it is not the perfect equipment to capture the wonders of nature but what it matters more is the feelings of taking a photograph, without know how it will appear behind the camera.
It was before going to school and I needed something to make my mood and especially to get some positive energy. I looked the sun rising and immediately I felt this magical feeling we have when magic awakes inside us. I had to restore this feeling for ever and taking the photograph of that moment was the best idea.
I tried to do some editing but no one was good enough like the original. That's why I left exactly like it was captured by the camera.
In my camera bag
For now I don't have any equipment except my phone but when I will have the opportunity I woud take something that it is easy to carry around and takes clear photos. That's all I need.
The best advice is that you have to let the sun or the sunrise call you. You have to feel a certain emotion when you take a photo otherwise is just a photo. Emotions make them alive, make them a piece of your life. You have to look it first, to feel it inside you. To be one with moment and colors and the sounds around and just before you return to reality turn your camera to the direction you were looking and take the photo just like that. Simplicity is the better way to capture moments.

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