Dorset Door Cornwall.

Family holiday to Dorset Door Cornwall. Amazing place. Fabulous landscapes.

Family holiday to Dorset Door Cornwall. Amazing place. Fabulous landscapes.
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Superb Composition
HJosey johnmailmacandrew Yvonne_Smith KEvanson jwspray donnadymond_2377 coxcraig +63
Peer Award
LondonGal33 photoABSTRACTION Servar nathaliedesmet Skorphoto VeskuP marydemasters +32
Top Choice
Confalonieri paulomacedo loveMustangs johnward_9734 RavenHawk58 Luvbichons kimnikon5500 +21
Outstanding Creativity
susanplss-bryant kristigott Whites1 muguerzamiguelangelo benitopont skemes1 Pauljeno +15
Absolute Masterpiece
RayN49 maryletkeman Vapour LyndaMc lenehunoehenriksen panoslykourgiwtis pietnel +8
Magnificent Capture
Davies2308 Scuba NikHallBDS
All Star
alina_l_sabou TinaLuther
Superior Skill


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juliebyrnewzwaters June 17, 2016
Many thanks for viewing my photos & for your chosen awards. Best wishes to all.
davidac PRO+
davidac June 18, 2016
Love the shapes - and the strong colours really bring it to life
Coveboy53 June 18, 2016
Great shot of an amazing landmark. Is this an HDR of a conversion of a single shot. I don't know the 7D but the 5D Mk lll has HDR inbuilt, stitching, pano's an another setting i hope is focus stacking. You have the choice of letting the camera do it or use lightroom for HDR and Photoshop for the rest. Before i went full frame i used a 60D and loved if. Fast to focus because the 5 has so many focus points, i turn them of and use it spot focus. I should have spent all the money i spent on the body, their 70-200 IS and a Tamron 20 something to 70. Both constant 2.8, 2 way IS.But unlike the Sony i wanted and the Leica i love but 12,000 bodt only is what people pay for the best. Both shoot 4K, my Canon won't and i need native bearers to pay to carry everything i need. Sorry for the novel. Patrick
FredsPlace PRO+
FredsPlace June 18, 2016
I like the composition on this one!
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