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james_avery September 22, 2017
Nice shot
Dave_MMXX January 20, 2018
****, Christine's Older Brother :D
bobtoye PRO+
bobtoye July 01, 2018
Trrrific vision, so beautifully delivered!

Behind The Lens

I photographed the Buggati Veyron 16.4 in the Premium Clubhouse at the Autostadt Wolfsburg. A really great place to visit throughout the year. There are many attractions, a huge museum, and this wonderful 16.4. The shape of the Premium Clubhouse is empathized to a part of Le Mans Racingtrack, where Bugatti archieved it's racing glory in the 1920 / 1930s.
The picture was done 10 Minutes to 11.00 pm. 10 Minutes before the huge, massive, enormous fireworks for the 10th birthday of the Autostadt have started. I have some friends at VW, who enforced me to visit this fireworks for the 10 birthday, and they assured me, that it would be one of the greatest fireworks which I will ever see in my live (and the did not lied to me). But I wanted "THE" picture of THE 16.4. The Clubhouse where he is diplayed is always well visited, full of people, and well lit. But now. 15 minutes before the fireworks, everyone was gone, except three security staff members, which started to shut down the light. All light was gone, except the huge overhead parable shaped light which pleases the Bugatti so well. Leave? For the fireworks? 8 minutes walk to my desired position, to have a great view for the firework display? Missing the start of the firework? Or making a picture of this wonderful 16.4? No people, (nearly) no light? Just one light to photograph this wonderful full chromium plated Bugatti? Nikon D700, 24.0-70.0mm f2.8 at f5.6, on ISO 1600 manual mode. Great, but ways tho reflective (it is full chromed). So I dialed in an -4 EV and got the shot, and hurried in double quick to the display and reached my desired position for the fireworks a half minute before it started. Enough time to put up my tripod and change my glass to a 21mm Zeiss for the display.
The Bugatti Veyron is fully chomium plated standig on a massive mirror bottom, angled down to front of the car, and he is surrounded by mirrors on the parable shaped way down to the 16.4, which reflect a massive multicolored light installation above and behind me, when photographing the 16.4 from the front. I tried different angles and views on some different visits, but none of the pictures had been "The One Shot". Always this multicolored light reflections. Everywhere. They will usually been switched off, if everyone left the clubhouse, not before, because it is an art installation. And ways to much people. But at this lucky time everything was switched off, except the main (also parable shaped) top light. My chance!
Nikon D700, Nikkor 24.0-70.0mm f/2.8 at f5.6 with polarizer, ISO 1600, -4 EV, 1/640 s, manual mode, 3,35 m away, with my tripod lowered down to the bottom as much as possible, shutter delay, and a 5$ cable release. Cullmann MAGNESIT 532C tripod with Novoflex Classic Ball 3 II and Q-Top express coupling. Full frontal shooting (height of the Bugatti Logo on the radiator grill).
I just love this wonderful Veyron. An unreachable dream. But I saw so many (and also did different) "bad angled" pictures, which do not reflect the wonderful brutal powerful soul of the Bugatti Veyron 16.4.
Just some contrast and contrast curve to bring up the highlights and put down the shadows a bit more to pitch black. No local adjustments, only global. (There are some minor reflections below and on the right of the 16.4, which disappeared by this changes.) Unforunately the light shape of the top light does not reflect 100% symmetricaly within the windshield, but I left it as it is, naturally...
In my camera bag
Nikon D700, Nikon D810, Zeiss ZF2.2 21/2.8, Nikkor 70-200 VRII, Hoya Pro One Digital mc PL-C, LEE Super Stopper, Little Stopper, ND8, ND4 and ND2, ND2 hard and ND2 soft, Pixel TC-252 cable release, Q-Top express coupling, Novoflex Classic Ball 3 II, KISS nodalpoint adapter, Silvec N129 Ash Wood Tripod (or Cullmann MAGNESIT 532C (carbon) if I need some more flexibility and less stability), Datacolor SpyderCHECKR and SpyderCube. Cleaning equipement Eylead Pen and Zeiss cleaning kit (the Veyron will (btw.) be cleaned every 30 minutes and all dust will be removed, all (!)). ´
KISS! Keep It Small and Simple, but buy the best glas you can afford. View for the angle, go around, sit down take your time, slide for some centimeter to the side, view another angle - as angles as you can, lie down. Go down! Don't stand, don't sit (for photographing in usual). Avoid any angle from which you normaly see something. And: View for the light! No light, no picture! Try to find the light, where no one normally see's what you would like to photograph. Sunrise, Sunset. Switch off the roomlights, use your own (brought) lights, light it from a different level.

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