Florence, Italy. waited to crowds cleared for this shot

Florence, Italy. waited to crowds cleared for this shot
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charlenekoritnik August 08, 2017
I love the perspective!
dvcannatelli August 22, 2017
Thank you very much.
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Behind The Lens

I took this in Florence Italy, October of 2014. We were touring some palaces and mansions. When I came across this view down this wonderful hallway It struck me right away. The dimensions and proportions and vanishing point were intriguing. I had to wait about fifteen minutes for people to clear the hall way. I wanted a shot that showed the grandeur and perspective without distractions. It was worth the wait.
This was around noon time and the lighting was just right.
Because it was noonish both sides were illuminated equally which added a lot of depth and balance to this wonderful image. It is one of my favorites from this trip.
I used a Sony Alpha NEX 3 and a Sony 3.5 - 5.6/18-55 OSS lens (0.25m/0.82ft.) I was using the manual setting on my camera and adjusted the aperture and speed until the light was just right
I have always been fascinated with perspective in photos and how you can tell a story by using it. I also am a major fan of architecture and antiquity. I took many pictures of doors in Italy, Sweden, Denmark and Spain. I fell in love with doors. So many wonderful doors in Europe and Scandinavia. People take great pride in their doors. It is a chance to show their individuality and creativity.
I do very little post processing. I may change color and light intensity a bit (very small tweaks) to gain more intensity or feeling of depth. I love to keep original images and try not to alter them too much. I like representing what I actually see and want others to see it that way.
In my camera bag
My Sony Alpha NEX 3, E-mounted lenses all Sony; E 18-55 mm, E 3.5/30 Macro lens for ultra close up work, E 4.5-6.3/55-210 OSS telephoto lens, E 2.8/16 standard lens, and a Samyang f=500 mm telephoto lens, and a small tripod for use with both telephoto lenses. I also carry lens cloths, lens brush, two extra batteries (I charge all three batteries every night. A must!), an i Pad with appropriate cords and adapters to download photos nightly to send to dropbox so I can free up memory space on my camera.
Be patient. You may have to wait for quite some time to get the shot you want but the wait is worth it. Take a lot of shots and then cull them out later. You are not wasting anything but gaining the best shot you can get. I normally take anywhere from ten to twenty shots of the same scene. I used to be impatient and I know I left a lot of fantastic shots behind.

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