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trainwoman PRO
trainwoman May 16, 2016
This made me LAUGH.....what a LOOK
lorisawildmorgan May 16, 2016
mine... mine... mine!
bcbburgess May 18, 2016
What a goofy looking bird! Great picture!!
terrysigns13 May 18, 2016
He;s so perfectly focused... and what a Pose!
Love all of the other birds blurred
photoflea PRO+
photoflea May 19, 2016
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photoflea PRO+
photoflea May 19, 2016
the amazing part of this photo is how the bird's head is statue like, looks like it was made of clay. The other part I enjoyed was the background. Great shot!
rosaposa PRO+
rosaposa May 21, 2016
Brilliant photo!
lizziemellis PRO+
lizziemellis May 22, 2016
Love the expression:-)
annmor June 01, 2016
Wow! Brilliant!
karenshullsmall July 09, 2016
trainwoman took the words right out of my mouth! GREAT capture!!!!
adavies PRO
adavies July 10, 2016
Love it! Great capture! :)