May 11, Sunset





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Behind The Lens

I took this photo in Central Park, NY. There are a few big rocks in the park and I love the view of the park and the city skyline from there.
It was in the evening just before sunset. In fact I was afraid I might miss the sunset. I just made it on time to take this picture.
The sun was almost setting and was afraid I might not get good pictures. Since it was golden hour, I managed to get a decent picture.
I used Sony RX100 iii high end point and shoot camera. I didn't use a tripod and no flash.
I like the view from that spot and usually take pictures from there. That day, I was there at the right time to capture this image.
Yes I did. Past few months I am shooting in RAW. Though I used a point and shoot camera, this has an option to shoot in RAW. The picture looked very ordinary when I downloaded it. To highlight the details of the sky, I reduced the highlight settings and opened all the shadows. That did the trick and was able to retain the details as I wanted.
In my camera bag
I have my Sony P&S camera. I have DSLR but it is not practical to carry it around all the time. Instead, I carry my P&S camera which also lets me change teh settings manually.
Patience! To capture dramatic sky, wait for the right moment. It is also a good idea to check the sunset of the day and reach the shooting point a bit early to frame your image.

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