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annettejohnson May 13, 2016
Great shot Kevin, it reminded me of the shot I took in Kodai Kanal a hill station in southern India, although my perspective was from the top of the road downhill.
KevinGPhotography May 13, 2016
Thank you so much
NorfolkSheep May 21, 2016
Love this, I have a very similar shot taken in Lisbon!
KevinGPhotography May 21, 2016
Thank you
uriahcarr May 23, 2016
Great work. Not easy to capture this degree of detail across so many zones of brightness. Love raking, perspective shots.
KevinGPhotography May 23, 2016
Thank you so much
lizziemellis May 24, 2016
It's a long way up those stairs, another nice B&W :-)
KevinGPhotography May 24, 2016
Lol yes, Thank you
gloveranna May 28, 2016
I am a black and white fan! Love this shot :)
KevinGPhotography May 28, 2016
Thank you
dmitrysamsonov June 03, 2016
great play of light and shadows!
KevinGPhotography June 03, 2016
Thank you
Marcus68 July 02, 2016
Excellent contrast shot.
KevinGPhotography July 02, 2016
Thank you
MOLLYSP July 02, 2016
Superb shot
KevinGPhotography July 02, 2016
Thank you
candyjablonski July 05, 2016
great shot! I'm wanting to walk these beautiful steps to find where they end ????
KevinGPhotography July 05, 2016
I have no idea lol, And thank you
Daisy00 July 08, 2016
Beautiful Alley shot kevin! Voted A Black And White World!!
KevinGPhotography July 08, 2016
Thank you so much Daisy :)
MickAlicic July 09, 2016
Going up the steps in midday Mediterranian sun sounds lika a challenge. No wonder you captured shadows so beautifly. :)
KevinGPhotography July 09, 2016
Thank you so much :)
estercastillo08 July 09, 2016
Great shot, !!
KevinGPhotography July 09, 2016
Thank you Ester
jacquikilcoyne July 17, 2016
Great shot Kevin. This is what I love. The older parts of a town away from the hustle and bustle of the holiday crowds.
KevinGPhotography July 17, 2016
Thank you Jacqui
Essex August 03, 2016
Oh, what a terrific! The patch of sunlight in the middle brings the scene completely alive. I love your photos, Kevin!
KevinGPhotography August 03, 2016
Thank you so much
tetvet August 06, 2016
nice shot. like the lines and shadow
KevinGPhotography August 06, 2016
Thank you
estercastillo08 August 17, 2016
Nice shot voted
KevinGPhotography August 17, 2016
Thank you
barbarapettibone September 01, 2016
Thanks so much, Kevin! Love your city-scapes.
KevinGPhotography September 03, 2016
You're welcome and thank you Barbara
chrismercerimages September 03, 2016
I love the perspective and composition in this shot. It makes me feel tired of climbing just looking at it. Not sure that it would work as well in color.
KevinGPhotography September 03, 2016
Thank you Chris, More steps at the top, I Thought B/W was the best choice
deborahconrad September 24, 2016
Just a few steps out of the darkness and into the light! Great Composition.
KevinGPhotography September 24, 2016
Thank you Deborah
Newbie2photography October 03, 2016
KevinGPhotography October 03, 2016
Thank you
Kimberelymartin412 January 28, 2017
very nice shot. love the looks of black and white photos, its like they have a story to tell. almost make you really focus on what the photographer was seeing when the photo was taken. I think color shots are nice too but sometimes takes away from what your really looking at.
KevinGPhotography January 29, 2017
Thank you so much Kimberely
dnicole1 February 10, 2017
Such a great eye! This is a stunning picture.
KevinGPhotography February 10, 2017
Thank you so much, Appreciated
michaelaneumann July 16, 2017
super Konstrate erzielt und das photo bringt trotz bnw eine Sommerstimmung.Ich mag es se)
KevinGPhotography July 16, 2017
Thank you Michaela
absinthe December 28, 2017
Excellent perspective and black&white!
KevinGPhotography January 27, 2018
Thank you
alexlevinsky January 27, 2018
Kevin, you really have a good eye and steady hand. And you see the beauty
KevinGPhotography January 27, 2018
Thank you Alex

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