The Wanderer

The depth in his eyes speaks for the un-uttered and unheard stories he must have lived in his life..

The depth in his eyes speaks for the un-uttered and unheard stories he must have lived in his life..
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Behind The Lens

This photo was taken on a road side. I'm a self taught photographer. I believe in capturing the freedom of existence. I strongly believe that, camera and a lens is just a technical gadget. Unless you do not have a perspective and view of your own towards life and people, you could never make a brilliant click. It's your very eye, which is the prime lens, rest all is just a a tool and medium through which you enhance your subject. Photography is not just 'bout clicking people and places, but its about bringing the best out of an ordinary place or an ordinary human being, something that already exists in them, but they are not able to see themselves in their beautiful selves. I try to bring out the best shades that rest within their beautiful soul. That's all I know..
This old man with this immense depth in his eyes is a religious wanderer. He keeps wandering in the streets. He doesn't beg. I asked him for if I could take a photograph of his. I'm glad he said a yes. But in the lieu of that, he asked me for if I could get him a cup of tea and I got him one. The photo was taken in the morning, I guess around 11:30 am
The photograph was taken in the morning while there was enough light. I was more concerned about clicking the best in him.
It was a Nikon 5100, loaded with a 35mm-1.8G, prime lens. It was a hand held shot.
Those were his eyes that grabbed my attention. His eyes were speaking a story about his existence. He being a religious wanderer, must have seen many a moments of life. He must have lived many a tough times and he must have faced them boldly. He seems to have lost his faith in humanity and so he might have decided to spend the rest of his life like a wanderer, spreading the message of God into the darkest of streets, to enlighten them with the brightest of lights with his stories and and his words of sanctity..
Yes. I turned the click into a black and white. The black and white enhanced the beauty of this capture. The look in his eyes and his intense face, all came up magical while the colours were taken away from the photograph.
In my camera bag
I got a new camera, Nikon 5200 with a 35mm-1.8G, prime lens along with a 55-200 Nikor Telephoto lens. There is this cleaning pen and along with a wide angle lens and a 50mm filter.
I would say, for making a click like this, one must need to look into the soul of the person and not just his face. Only if you'd be able to read out the core in your subject, you would be able to bring out the best shades in them. That is what I do and I truly believe.

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