MUAH - Naima Abilova
Model - Vlada

MUAH - Naima Abilova
Model - Vlada
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Contest Finalist in Red Hair Photo Contest
Contest Finalist in Composing With Depth Photo Contest
Judge Favorite
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Peer Award
Superb Composition
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ShurikShurik tatadodo aj250gto colleenwilliams Jonathan_Shea alexandru_pavalache Elliott-Crampton +18
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KelliETaylor DerrickSteeves CharShutter diani SZdenka MsJPhotography
Magnificent Capture
brentdaniels Bmae_photography Deb-Deb mgrisoli robyn44blue

Top ClassTM

Red Hair Photo ContestTop 20 class
Red Hair Photo ContestTop 10 class week 1
Architectural Masterpieces Photo ContestTop 10 class
Architectural Masterpieces Photo ContestTop 10 class week 1
Composing With Depth Photo ContestTop 10 class
Composing With Depth Photo ContestTop 10 class week 2
Composing With Depth Photo ContestTop 10 class week 1
Take A Stroll Photo ContestTop 30 class
Parallel Compositions Photo ContestTop 30 class


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edj41 PRO+
edj41 April 25, 2016
Great capture, lots of emotion!
annakazakova April 26, 2016
Thank you)
JoanLoBo PRO+
JoanLoBo June 02, 2016
Love this one
Gianbayu November 09, 2017
Great capture

Behind The Lens

Very talented stylist Naima participated in the contest hairstyles. She asked me to take photos for the contest. So there was this photo.
Photoshoot was in the early spring. So tired of taking pictures in the studio, so as soon as it became warmer, we went for a walk. On the shooting was a few minutes, because after all it was quite cold.
Sun was not - so the light is scattered enveloping.
Canon 5D mk3 and Canon EF 135 mm f/2.0L USM
I've given a choice of several photographs to his customer. This photo she liked, because the side of the well visible hair.
I always do post-processing, so shoot in Row. I removed all the skin flaws, did the photo warmer and contrast
In my camera bag
When I photograph the portraits - in my bag just 2 lenses -135 mm and 50 mm.
Look around. The urban landscape is always possible to find something interesting. I like to look for graphics, photos with graphics always look interesting.

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