The Beautiful of Masai Mara

This Female Adult Lion is posing to beautify her herself as the Queen of Masai mara

This Female Adult Lion is posing to beautify her herself as the Queen of Masai mara
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Behind The Lens

Masai Mara with an incredible guide/driver i strongly recommend you to visit Masai Mara because it is something that needs to be carefully considered in order to meet your expectations. For wildlife viewing there is no real best time to go; thanks to its abundant resident wildlife and temperate climate, the Masai Mara is widely regarded as a year-round safari destination for anyone out there.
The daytime and the temperature is around 77 F (25 C) from June to August while the nighttime lows are around 50 F (10 C) which is very nice but sometimes its not.
Yes,well in Masai Mara where every ever you are you will always find good lighting around you and you have to capture it wisely.
I used a Canon75-300mm lens because when I was capturing the picture of lion there was pride of lions they just relaxing in the shade because it was very hot that you would almost fade away in wildlife.
I was inspired by one of my high school teacher who used fill the students heads up with life and joy he told me this before he left for good " when life puts you on the spot or in rough situations don't ever say "why me" you just say " try me" with confidence.
I have recently done a few landscapes and nightlife,which took quite a long time to edit through all of the photos. For example one nightlife session and the minute i got home the editing took me about 24hours to finish up.
In my camera bag
Before you know it,You'll want to capture lots of photos to document your experiences. It’s usually a good idea to have a bag in which to carry your camera and associated gear. But you won't want to pack too much to get your back or shoulder to start to hurt from carrying around lots of gear for long periods or even a short period.What i took in my bag was my camera,my primes/zooms,triggers and remotes and lastly packed good lunch specially if your in Africa.
My advice would have to be is that practice your skills is to practice. A lot. Shoot as much as you can it doesn’t really matter what time or day it is just go out there. Spend hours and hours behind your camera. to improve your technical skills, your ability to tackle them to tell stories and enjoy doing it. ?Don’t worry too much about capturing like a pro to begin with just go out there and try and invent your own style or way of capturing moments.

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