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A cute dog stares down the window

A cute dog stares down the window
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sarajevo47 March 24, 2016
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miguelvienna May 16, 2016
That reminds me of a picture i have similar in my work here...

Behind The Lens

Receive my greetings from Sarajevo Regarding my photo "What is happening" and how it was created, I want to tell you this. This photo is the result of my patience, patience and happiness. Namely, I spent my summer on the island of Vis in Croatia a few years ago and walked with my camera and took pictures. At one point I saw this handsome dog appear at the window and watch what was happening. I really liked it and decided to record it. But it was not easy. I took a seat under the window and waited. And waited. And waited. And the sun heats up if it heats up. It has over 40 degrees and no shade anywhere. He appears at the window and disappears. And I wait. People pass by and wonder. See what this fool is doing. They sit next to me and they wait. When he shows up everyone jumps. "There he is." And he left. And everyone around me starts swearing. Both the dog and me for not reacting quickly and the time and the camera and myself wasting time with me and the sun warming and all. But they don't go. And they are waiting. My family is bathing, enjoying the sea, sunbathing, drinking cold beers and juices and I am waiting. In one shot he didn't shake his head enough, in one he didn't look at the street in the right direction, in one I didn't frame well because I didn't have a stand so I took pictures by hand, in one the light wasn't good. And so on. Not to bother you. At one point I realized that he was ignoring us and having fun with us. He looks over us as if we are not there. And after a lot of time and recordings, I recorded what was good for me and what satisfied me. And the shot and his view of the street and the light and everything. There was a big celebration. Everyone around me also people who passed by me came to see my picture which I am very happy. And everybody agreed that I have made it and that they didn`t wait without reason.Attached is some failed shots. I still have them but these two are enough to understand how it was and how much I dedicated myself to it. If this shot had failed I would still be waiting under the window and hoping. I note that I came and waited for two days for this video. Thank you for your interest. Anto ?avar PS: The biggest fools in the world, including me, are amateur photographers. What do we need this for. PS2: I had a photo taken by my daughter of me and everyone around me waiting for him but I lost it somewhere.
It was very hot day in july, I don`t know the time because I was waiting for a long time.
Natural sun light in the middle oh the day.
Cannon 350D digital, old model and because of that I needed to wait all this time because it doesn`t have an option of quick shoot.
I told my reasons in a previous post, but I was very happy to see him and I that I have decided to take this picture.
In my bag I only have my camera and big love towards photography which is a biggest fools an amateur photographs. We are really fools.
In my camera bag
In my bag I only have my camera and big love towards photography which is a biggest fools an amateur photographs. We are really fools.
Now I can not post this two pictures from our waiting and I can not post a picture of my daughter which followed al this and enjoyed in the sea, drunk cold juices and watched her father how they struggle to take this picture.

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