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Sunset in Papakura, North Island, New Zealand

Sunset in Papakura, North Island, New Zealand
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Behind The Lens


The photo was taken from my back lawn in Papakura, Auckland, New Zealand.


I took this shot at around 5.00pm just before the sun started to go down and it was in December in the summer.


Natural lighting provided by our creator.


I used my canon with a zoom lens, no filters, no tripod or anything. Mostly, I aim, shoot and hope and this time got greatly rewarded.


I like the way clouds often create formations over the sun, particularly dark clouds and, for once, the camera was capturing what I was seeing with the naked eye. Often this doesn't happen...looks great with your own eyes but disappoints through the lens.


Nothing special...nothing added...what you see is what I got.

In my camera bag

I have a couple of cameras that I carry around in my bag. One is an old canon 8 megapixels which often renders pictures to look like paintings, that can be fun. I have filters, red, green and purple. I have a huge kick butt zoom lens, a 300 and a 250 and the standard lens the camera came with. I have a tripod a tripod or two, but nothing I ever really use.


You want the perfect picture, it's like playing a game of pool. Shoot, aim and hope...sometimes you'll be rewarded. A lot of times you won't. But, for me, when I'm rewarded, it's usually a combination fo accidental and amazing. Nothing compares to the surprise of finding 'that shot'. Magic!

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