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valeriemurchie-stolpe April 07, 2016
MikeBoyle PRO+
MikeBoyle April 13, 2016
Congratulations. Nice...Very Nice
joycealicesmith April 14, 2016
Congratulations on winning the Challenge!

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Behind The Lens

This photo was taken at the Saint Louis Zoo, We have a huge exhibit called the Rivers Edge, they have a small herd of elephants there with an actual river etc for them...
This was taken mid morning with an over cast sky yet semi bright.
For me I love full sun with shadows but this day I did not have the rays of like playing among the shadows
A high end, last of it's kind, bridge camera made by Kodak. I believe it was the last style of camera they made.
On the walk through the "Rivers Edge" I had just missed the greatest shot of a completely submerged elephant coming up out of the water, needless to say I was devastated and deep down inside I do believe I was mopping just a bit I have to say when a small band of elephants came into view there was an old female off by herself watching a mother with her 2 year old. Still discouraged over losing the river shot I just stood there watching while the mother elephant meandered over to the older female and started greeting her affectionately, got some shots of that and then all of a sudden it stopped and the old female wrapped her trunk around the others, standing there for a long while. My camera couldn't keep up with the shots I was trying to take actually locking up.
Yes, my camera was not operating right later came to find out it was my SD Card I should have kept up on my month formatting. These shots did not turn out as anticipated, they were not as clear as I try to achieve so instead of deleting them for I was profoundly moved by the friendship between these two females so I decided to try and create some type of photographic art.. This was an overlay, that was tweaked over and over until it was the completed black and white. This photograph was kept hidden for fear that this was one of those photo's the viewers would love or hate. Finally I had confidence to share it with a view family members and then view bug..........
In my camera bag
My camera, a tri-pod I rarely use, extra batteries, snacks, water, and don't forget to tell someone of your plans where you are going and how long you might be gone in case someone has to come looking for you....... time seems to get away from us
My advise to others is first and foremost the only thing that matters is that YOU are happy with your photograph. This was a photograph I did for myself a mixture of gentility and strength using a stone over lay... It meant so much to me to preserve this moment for it may never come again, it is one that will be close to my heart for I love every aspect that nature presents to us in all its splendor, It is a divine gift from above............ Many thanks to all the other photographers on this site for making me grow just trying to keep up with the insane talent this website showcases................

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