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michelleroose March 23, 2016
Absolutely Beautiful! Sincerely Michelle
Badgrandad March 24, 2016
Superb composition and work here and across your portfolio, welcome to VB, Rod
pietnel April 08, 2017
Excellent brilliant photography

Leg Up





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Behind The Lens

This photo was taken at a friend of mine's home studio, in Echo Park, California. We collaborate often by hiring local models and shooting in his brand new, spacious home. We share resources such as Alien Bee B800's (we each have one) and various Canon lenses and light modifiers. In this case, we used one of his dark, paper roll up backgrounds and the table the model is lying on is actually his coffee table!
This particular photo was shot around noon. Normally, we schedule models on weekends during the day. We shoot indoors, use backdrops and try to control the light artificially, with flashes.
The lighting was courtesy of dual Alien Bee B800's. That's been my lighting setup thus far. One on either side of the subject with the intent of getting pleasing rim or side lighting. Key to this picture was getting nice highlight of the model's skin, the table's shiny legs, and the reflective surface on the floor.
I shoot handheld with a Canon 5D Mark III. This photo was shot with Canon's 50mm lens. Again, using 2 B800 by Alien Bee.
I had been shooting the model in various traditional poses; standing, sitting, laying down. At one point, while adjusting herself, she happened to point one of her feet up to the ceiling and it sparked the idea. I was going for interesting/artistic composition with a touch of sexiness and class. I asked the model to cup her breasts for modesty and to keep her shoes for a dash of class.
Using Photoshop, I darkened the background to make the model pop more. I cleaned up the reflective floor surface from the unavoidable white dust and flecks. Finally, I cleaned up the model's skin a bit using frequency separation technique and adjusted the levels to a more pleasing level.
In my camera bag
I don't have a lot of equipment, so what I normally have in my back is my trusty Canon 5D MkIII, Canon 50mm 1.8, Sigma 70-300 f4-5.6, Alien Bee B800 and a Canon 430EX Speedlight.
This shot was one of many, many attempts at getting something interesting. Look online for inspiration. I use Pinterest all the time to get ideas of why looks good to me. Talk to your model. In my experience, a model is happiest when there's a cordial and friendly exchange of ideas during a photoshoot. Aila, the model, was amazing to work with. We shared ideas, thoughts and laughs. When a model's at ease, you'll find it's a heck of a lot easier to try and experiment and before long, lightning strikes!

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