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Body Art Photo ContestTop 30 class week 1
Flash Fun Photo ContestTop 20 class week 1
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pietnel April 21, 2016
staunning shot
BrunoHeeb PRO
BrunoHeeb July 23, 2016
absolutely amazing shot

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Behind The Lens

This image was taken in the models house in the amazing city of edinbrugh
This was an hours drive for me and the model wasn't an early riser so 11 am we started the shoot.
All ambiant light was taken out of the shot and as i just wanted the models torso in the image,
A single off camera speed light was used to capture this image,i must admit it took a couple of attempts to get the direction of light right.I set the power to low as there wasn't much room.
I saw a coulee of images online that were similar and thought i have to have a go at this kind of shot,
Edited in lightroom darkened all blacks changed to black and white and some sharpening.
In my camera bag
Canon 5d 111, 3 speed lights with remote receivers,50mm prime and an 85mm prime,
Finding a model to do the shoot may be the hardest,but if you explain that there will be no face in the image then most will agree to do this ,or even ask your partner,and make sure the room is warm,the model may be there for some time covered in oil and water.

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