Grand Decay

Detail of the Almanzora Palace.

Detail of the Almanzora Palace.
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Superb Composition
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Magnificent Capture
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All Star
PhotosbyJLR bradnel shelleylittle loveMustangs evelynbrezina
Superior Skill
nicolafiscarelli florence


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john_arsenault October 09, 2016
i have a fondness for windows, doorways, staircases, and decay in architecture; you have them all here with wonderful execution. i wish i had taken this.
john_arsenault October 10, 2016
i f this one photo is any indication, i hope you do get access. maybe a small bride...i mean "gift" is in order; a token of your appreciation for showing up with the keys? Hope to see more, regardless of how you make it happen. (Perhaps an informal portrait of whomever is your guide that will be posted to the world famous Viewbug website bringing fame and fortune to that individual?)
Parallel July 22, 2017
Beautiful shot! Thank you!

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