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Behind The Lens

I took this photo at a hotel-type venue. This was just outside the hotel in a courtyard with a gazebo and beautiful greenery.
The sun was beginning to set, and the temperature was beginning to drop, so this bride was a trooper putting up with me so I got just the right shots!
The light was a little too harsh, so I stuck the bride in the shade from a nearby bush to get an even light.
I rented gear for this wedding! This was my first wedding and my first time using a 70-200mm telephoto. I loved it, but was limited with space so I switched to the "nifty fifty" which was also a rental at the time.
I wanted a sentual, sort-of calming, look of the bride admiring her bouquet she'd later give away.
I did some basic adjustments here with lowering highlights bc her dress was slightly blown out, increased shadows, lowered clarity for a creamy look, B&W, contast, and smoothed skin, sharpened and slight vignette.
In my camera bag
My Canon Rebel body, 85mm 1.8 and 50mm 1.8. Lens cleaner brushes and air pump just in case, spare battery and spare SD cards.
Research pose ideas, if you're scatter brained like me. Practice with your lens first before committing to ANY shoot. Know your equipment, and have a back up plan(lens), just in case.

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