Just-Agnes May 16, 2017
Very recognizable!
If you are looking for your cat, search there or in your bed. LOL
JulieAnnNewell May 22, 2017
This is adorable! Wow great capture.
thunderlake Jan 31
Love Love this one!!
Capture-Life Jan 31
Aawww hehehe talk about TRUST !!!! love this :):)
kimpassmore Feb 03
Excellent capture! Congrats on Runner Up. Cats can sleep anywhere!
asyrafariffin Feb 12
Exactly. thank you :)
WesP Feb 06
Congratulations on being runner up!! I do have to say this picture brings memory's back. My cat would not sleep in the sink. But he would lay there and want the water to trickle on him. He was just weird
asyrafariffin Feb 12
Haha.. thank you :)
blairmoonias Feb 13
love it dude!!!
Really cute and great b/w composition :)
AnnaClaus Feb 20
Aww! What a precious little kitty!
2497_6829 Feb 24
My cat used to sleep in the sink as wellS and suckleS . He wasn’t weened properly
anamariasiso Mar 18
Cute and great capture
Ohhhh myyyy???? great capture
SharonAldrick Jun 19
Congrats on your photo, I really like it, it’s different a cool shot!
That's really cold. I love it.
tammeegreer69 Jun 20
My heart is warmed when I look at this picture. I fondly remember all my kitties who’ve done this in the past and in the present. This picture is spectacular-the details: individual hairs, water spots
rayasaph Jul 01
amazing shot
garymintz Jul 25

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Nov, 2015

Sleeping beauty

Cat in the sink
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Won Contest Finalist in A World In Black And White Photo ContestJune, 2018
Won Runner Up in Only Pets Photo ContestJanuary, 2018
Won Contest Finalist in Only Pets Photo ContestJanuary, 2018
Won Contest Finalist in Social Exposure Photo Contest Vol 7May, 2017
Won Staff Winter Selection 2015December, 2015


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Behind The Lens

The photo was taken at my home in the kitchen sink located beside the window.
The photo was taken on a bright sunny day.
The lighting actually was a natural light from the window beside the sink.
Smartphone camera
Cat have its own unique characteristic. In this photo, rarely to see my cat sleep in the sink. Because of that, i took the opportunity to take a shot on it.
Post-processing i've made in this photo was changed the image into black and white, vignetting and play on the contrast.
In my camera bag
tripod, lens cap, powerbank. Mostly my photo was taken by my smartphone Samsung Galaxy K Zoom camera.
One of the major on taking pet photo was the moment. We need to observe what are our pet was doing, the behavior. Then we can get the most precious moment to take a shot. For black and white image, we need to focus on lighting more. That's why natural light is awesome.

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