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angelica_ars January 06, 2016
that's very good!
carlosramos January 24, 2016
Great creative idea !
mihrt January 24, 2016
excellent thinking with this shot!! gotta love all that chrome!
sweetpea72 January 26, 2016
Love this !!
Daisy00 January 30, 2016
Cool shot!!
Workshopphotos January 30, 2016
Great job on the reflection. Very unique and skilled
Rosley April 26, 2016
Creative Self portrait!
Johnny_G_Photography May 01, 2016
Nicely done! ;-)
Capture-Life October 06, 2016
Love this lots ! Creative ! :):)
Treecy October 16, 2016
Very nice!!!
markkrause February 23, 2017
Nice 'Old School' selfie. I'd do this a lot as last frame in series from classic car shows and close with 'See ya Round'






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Behind The Lens

This photo was shot in my front yard in Apple Valley, California.
The day I took this photo was warm for November. It was around 4:30 pm. I usually go outside around this time to take care of our horses and I try to take my camera with me in case I see something interesting.
It was a clear day .The sun was to my left about 2 hours from sunset,
I used a Cannon 20d, with a Cannon 18-55 mm kit lens for this shot. No other equipment was used.
My father's motorcycle was out front so decided to take some pictures of it. As I was snapping away I saw myself in a reflection in one of the chrome light housings.I thought to myself this might be interesting.
I added some contrast and sharpness for the chrome to stand out. The color was fine for me. A little vignette is added to finish the processing.
In my camera bag
In my bag I always have my Cannon 20d. It is an older camera and not expensive, great for a backup or an amateur like me. For lenses, in my bag are Cannon 18-55mm, 28-80mm wide angle. Two telephoto lenses Cannon 75-300mm and a Tamron 28-200mm. I have 1 Quantaray 28-90mm for macro shots.
Look for yourself in anything that cast's a reflection, they can be very interesting photo's. If you will be the focus of the photo make sure you are in focus! Take a lot of shots at different shutter speeds ISO's and apertures to increase the chance you will get a great shot. Make sure you have enough light and use manual mode for more options in post-processing.

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