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Dolgoch Falls, Mid Wales, image 2

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I visited Dolgoch Falls sometime last year but was never quite happy with the results of the images. I thought I'd revisit them again and see how it goes. ...
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I visited Dolgoch Falls sometime last year but was never quite happy with the results of the images. I thought I'd revisit them again and see how it goes. I'm quite happy with the images this time around.
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quincyfloyd November 18, 2015
Good composition and creativity
PowerUp June 13, 2018
This is a lovely photograph. Well done!
ricardoneves PRO
ricardoneves June 13, 2018
lovely photo :O
_sarahs__photography June 14, 2018
A masterpiece. Stunning
TomasTar June 15, 2018
MrMan47 Ultimate
MrMan47 June 21, 2018
I love this shot, great composition
Jgswayngim1 August 18, 2018
Love it
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Behind The Lens


The Dolgoch Falls are a series of three waterfalls near Tywyn in Gwynedd, Mid Wales. This image is of the lower fall.


It was taken quite early in the morning. We purposely set off early to get to the location around or just after sunrise. It was forecast to be a glorious day so we planned to stay all day. Unfortunately we soon found out that it wasn’t going to be the case. The weather changed for the worse and we were lucky to get any shots.


The falls are surrounded by woodland and as daylight began to break the subdued light through the trees made the falls look ever so surreal with a hint of mist which was soon pushed away. The light was quite low so I had to use iso 400 About 10 minutes after taking the image the heavens opened and heavy fog descended. Which effectively stopped our photographs for the day.


Canon EOS 5D mk 3, 3 legged thing tripod with ball head, 24-70 L f2.8 lens with Lee big stopper filter (I think, in the long run, this was removed as too much water droplets formed over the duration of the shots)


I’d always wanted to visit the falls. I love waterfalls. There’s something quite spiritual about free flowing water especially when no one else is around.


The image was processed in Adobe Lightroom. I always shoot in raw format so it gives me a little more options for post processing. With this image I think I slightly boosted the green channels (just so the moss on the rocks really stood out) and added a vignette to draw the eye to the falls.

In my camera bag

The usual kit really. I now shoot with a Canon R5. Canon L lenses ranging from 11mm through to 124mm but all f2.8, Lee filters and holder, Spare Lens cloths (waterfalls play havoc with your filters), Spare batteries and memory cards . Cable release trigger.


Be prepared to get wet but never put yourself or others in danger. These falls can range from slow flowing to fast within a matter of minutes and even the sturdiest of tripods could be tested to stay upright if you don’t keep an eye on them. Rocks that were dry can become very slippy if the rain arrives or water rises. Never leave your kit out of sight so travel light as much as possible.

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