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ATDowning PRO
ATDowning January 22, 2016
Perfection! Great work!
KimberlyCanyas January 27, 2016
Amazing work!
joeehlen January 27, 2016
Thanks AT & Kimberly

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Behind The Lens

I built a 14ftx12ft shed in my back garden so I could experiment with lighting in between working shifts, photography has became a passion over the past three years after 10 years as an athletics coach I needed something to get me out of the house and keep me busy as I'm not one for sitting watching TV or moping around the house .... Photography came to the rescue and means investing an awful lot of time finding different events and challenges to keep progressing and more importantly learning.
It was a long stressful day as a model had let everybody on a group shoot down last minute so I cast for someone to test out my Photo Shed instead... Will a friend and actor messaged me to say game on and he would arrive around 5:00pm that evening, it was like waiting for Xmas all day that feeling of what's going to happen. What am I going to get..... this was taken an hour into the shoot @ 6:00 pm on a Saturday evening in November
I kept the lighting as basic as we wanted to portray worry / depression so personally a single light straight ahead of the subject falling off to total darkness would be the key Dark to Light - Depression to Normality. The use of a reflector to just bounce a tiny bit of separation light but still remaining dark in a western lit from left to right.
My old trusty Nikon D600 & Sigma F2.8 70-200mm EX-DG ..Battered bruised bashed knocked dropped bounced....but this combo is still reliable and loved The flash was a Godox Portable 500w on an Interfit stand with a reflector on a boom arm opposite.
After meeting and chatting to Will on a few occasions and understanding his frustrations at work (he was changing jobs at the time) and with a young growing family and all that entails it struck me that with his acting skills we could really pull off a realistic worry or depressive image.
The processing was simple Photoshop layers Contrast & curves followed by a Nik software Silver Efex Pro 2 conversion to add a little detail and texture.
In my camera bag
I'll just pull the kitchen sink out of the bag so I can see what's in my bag.......... Everything but the kitchen sink now.. 2 cameras, 1 flash, 3 lenses, 20 batteries, 1 Variable ND filter (10 stop), cleaning cloth, 10 various SD cards all empty and formatted, 1 torch, a light meter & 1 remote release
This type of shot is simple and honest, it isn't far from the original colour taken straight in camera, the light exposure to the front then just falling off is the key to getting this shot so aim to keep detail in your highlights and not blow out the tip of the nose & forehead (this being the first point of contact for the light) In portraits the simple rule of focus on the eye is still prevalent even with a side profile shot, the windows to the souls and in this case the distance the subject puts to the onlooker by looking into the distance....I'm here but my mind / hearing is 10 miles away.

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