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Ragu January 30, 2016
awesome photo

Sunset Kiss





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Behind The Lens

This photo was taken in Temecula, California at the Temecula Creek Inn.
This photo was taken right before sunset after the couples wedding ceremony. We walked up the hill to find the most gorgeous light and the bride and groom were happy to take as many pictures as I wanted.
Golden hour is my favorite time of day to shoot wedding photos. The light is perfect and magical making any photo look fabulous.
I shot this picture with a Canon 5D Mark iii, and a Canon 17-40mm lens. When I shoot weddings I always use a Canon 600EX-RT Speedlite Flash and a Quantum battery pack for a quick recharge.
I shot this wedding for a close friend of mine and wanted to do my best to capture great photos for her and her new husband. I was very lucky with the timing of the ceremony and family pictures leading up to a magical sunset time for the couple portraits.
I used Lightroom to boost the color and fix red skin. I used photoshop to remove a few blemishes in the grass and pull the brightness up.
In my camera bag
I use Canon 5D Mark iii and a Mark ii cameras and when I shoot weddings I always carry my Canon 70-200mm lens. It's definitely my favorite lens to shoot portraits with and every shot comes out super sharp. I also carry my 17-40mm along with a 50mm 1.4. I use 2 Canon 600EX-RT Speedlites and a Quantum battery pack and I wear a Cotton Carrier vest to help me carry both cameras enabling me to switch back and forth without changing lenses.
I always shoot with myself facing the sun. I put the couples back to the sun so they won't have squinty eyes in the picture and I can capture a sun flare behind them. I use my flash to light the couple from the front and try my best to shoot at magic hour. The wedding timeline doesn't always allow for the perfect lighting and time but I always try to pull the couple away for a few minutes when the light is right.

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