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page_pierce-kuepper_6969 October 15, 2015
I love this!
sumitrasarkar November 04, 2015
Love it!!
briancurran November 09, 2015
Excellent shot, love the bokeh and flare you've added. Well done.
CGWong October 03, 2016
The light, the composition, and the shallow depth of field. Just perfect!
marjoncastillote March 14, 2017
marjoncastillote March 14, 2017
What do you call this effect?
simonparry June 10, 2017
Excellent photo...

Magic at Sunset

This image was captured during the last light of the day.

If you like my images, please follow me on www.facebook.com-glamourkidz or visit my webs...
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This image was captured during the last light of the day.

If you like my images, please follow me on www.facebook.com-glamourkidz or visit my website www.glamourkidz.nl

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Behind The Lens

I took this photo at the moor during sunset. It's practically my backyard and i go there very often because it's a good way to clear my head after a long and busy day.
I really love rim light. It makes my subject glow and creates a special look. Therefore i mostly shoot during sunset, sunrise or the blue hour, which is right after sunset or before sunrise. This image is shot during sunset. My favorite time of the day along with sunrise. During these hours the world turns into something magic because of the warm and golden light. The light during this time of the day changes really fast and at the end of this hour, the sun turns into a big golden globe. And that's warm golden/orange light is what you see in this image in the upper right corner.
To get the most out of the Golden hour, i wait until the sun is almost set. That way i can catch the golden/orange haze in my photo's that i love. I point my camera directly into the sun and than move downwards until the sun is out of my viewfinder and the only thing i see is the orange haze. The best way to create this haze is if you shoot wide open. If you place your subject on the edge of the shadow, your subject will be perfectly lit because the highlights of the ground can be used as a reflector. And always underexpose a bit to prevent your highlights from clipping.
This was shot with the Canon 5D mark III and the Canon 85L at F/1.2. No other equipment was used.
The thing that always inspire me is light. Beautiful light! And what's more beautiful than a happy little child dancing in the most gorgeous light ever? :)
I didn't do much in post except the Raw conversion in ACR. In Photoshop i add a little S-curve to make the image more pop.
In my camera bag
What's in my bag depends on what I want to shoot. Most of the time i have a clear vision so I only bring what's needed for the images I have in mind. Too much equipment or lenses distract me from my vision. I love to travel and when i'm traveling i bring my FujiFilm Xpro2 and Fujinon 16-55 F2.8 and a Lensbaby. When I want to create dreamy images I use my Canon 5D mark III along with the 85L and the 200L 2.0. But what's always in my bag is my Lensbaby. This little lens keeps me creative and make me feel like i'm painting my images. And it gives the most beautiful lens flare ever!
Yes, the best advice is to practice, practice, practice.... The golden hour is very difficult light. Start early about 2 hours before sunset. See what the light does, how it's changing by the minute. Set your white balance on Kelvin and keep it around or above 6500. Be sure that you are standing in the shadow. If you stand in direct sunlight, you could have problems focussing on your subject. And shoot wide open. That way you will capture the soft golden flare of the Sunset or sunrise.. But most of all, enjoy! And stay in awe of how beautiful this light is, every day...

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