Promenade In The Mist

A foggy morning over the waters of Corio Bay, Geelong, Australia.

A foggy morning over the waters of Corio Bay, Geelong, Australia.
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Behind The Lens

An eerie, mysterious fog covers the waters of Corio Bay and the Geelong Waterfront at dawn. Geelong is my own hometown, so our beautiful waterfront with all its great photo locations is only twelve minutes from home.
Mornings especially, both the twilight and sunrise are always my favourite times of the day, as you wake up, often not knowing what will be presented to you to work with and capture, from the romantic hues of 'the blue hour' to the spectacular colours of the sunrise that do change from minute to minute. My belief and philosophy re my photography is summed up pretty much in my bio statement here: I often stand in awe and admire the beauty of God's Creation. The colours, textures, tones and shapes,especially the way the light falls and reflects, thus revealing things often overlooked, particularly during the grandeur of a sunrise or sunset, or the spectacle of a rainbow. I really just want to try and capture and share some of what I see as "The Creator's Handiwork".
I just wanted to convey a sense of the mystery, especially with the leading lines of the jetty into the blankness of the fog.
Pentax K3 Camera. – 2 Sec. @ f16 ISO 200 Shutter- Mirror up. Handheld Remote Control Pentax 12-24mm lens – 21mm with Lee 0.9 GND Filter. Manfrotto Tripod.
I absolutely love shooting images in foggy conditions as it gives a whole new character and dimension to what can sometimes be an average scene/landscape shot in normal circumstances. In this case, it was the dawn light through the very thick fog, which not only hid the bay waters & the sky but also another longer pier to its left creating that atmosphere of walking off into 'the great unknown' I also like shooting in light fog that is starting to lift, as often I am presented with 'fogbows', similar to rainbows, and these are often found only a few minutes drive out to the surrounding countryside a little after the sunrise.
A RAW image processed in ACDSee Pro7. As with all my post processing it is done with ACDSee Pro. In this case, and at that time, it was Pro7 in their non destructive 'Develop Mode' and then saved to various formats, ie: jpeg, png and TIFF. Another thing I do find very useful is renaming my files as I upload them with the date taken, then grouped into folders bearing the titles of the towns, districts, holidays etc, plus the year. That way it gives me an idea of maybe where to head for a shoot, but perhaps more importantly what the lighting directions are like, especially the vast differences between Summer & Winter directions with the sunrises and sunsets at the same location. E.G: 9.3.16-1, 2,3,4, etc.
In my camera bag
My camera bag always has my Pentax DSLR, currently a Pentax K1, three lenses, Pentax 12-24mm, Pentax 18-135mm and Pentax 55-300mm. The one I tend to favour most, being predominately landscape photographer is the 12-24 for wide angled landscapes. I also carry a remote control, as most of the shots are longer exposures, around 15-30 seconds. Plus I do have a range of Lee Filters, including a Little Stopper and my most used is their 0.9 GND, a must for every landscape photographer.
Always be prepared to get up early, well before the sunrise and be on location hopefully 15-30 minutes prior. Have your camera bag packed, ready to go, with charged batteries, as often cold mornings and long exposures can flatten the batteries quicker. Also be prepared to experiment with the camera settings including White Balances, not just AWB, Shooting Modes(with the newer Pentax DSLRs, they have a Radiant Mode, which I enjoy shooting the sunrise/sunsets with) and try and go for a longer Shutter Speed to help smooth out the water and cloud movement.

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