Her Father's Daughter

My daughter, Stephanie, with her father Major Bonilla.

My daughter, Stephanie, with her father Major Bonilla.
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photos_by_kayla October 11, 2015
Such a great photo!
jlappen PRO
jlappen November 21, 2016
Can't get any better than this. GREAT SHOT!
Lesabre1954 Premium
Lesabre1954 April 01, 2017
A very beautiful moment captured in this photo!
jessieberle July 18, 2017
Great capture! Please consider entering my "American Spirit" challenge.

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Behind The Lens

I took this photo in my home studio. My husband put his service dress uniform on specifically to take some pictures with our newborn baby girl. I put our flag up behind him to use as the backdrop.
It was taken when my newborn baby was only a couple weeks old. She slept most the time, but we made sure to shoot it when she was fed and happy :).
I used a speed light with a simple white shoot through umbrella. I love the softness of the light it creates.
At this time I was still using my first DSLR that I had only had for 1 year. It is a Nikon D7100 with my 40mm micro 2.8.
I was working on a series with my baby called "Lessons". It included lessons in baking, aviation, gardening, and patriotism. These are all things that I had want to teach to a daughter if I ever had one. It started with baking, and really, her apple green onsey inspired me as well as the fact that she could fit well in my fruit bowl!
For this image I only corrected the color for the skin tone and the white balance. I did some dodging and burning, but nothing else.
In my camera bag
All my stuff doesn't fit in my bag! I always have my main camera, now a Nikon D610, and my backup, my old D7100. Lots of memory cards and fully charged batteries! I have a new strobe called a Flashpoint XPLOR that I use for almost all of my off camera flash, I love it, it's a amazing. I recently added a Phantom 4 drone to my gear. I am a licensed pilot and have completed the part 107 requirements to earn my remote pilot certificate. My go to lenses are the Tokina 11-16mm 2.8 for real estate work, the Tamron 24-70 2.8 for events and some portraits, and the Tamron 70-200mm 2.8 for all other portraits. I also use a few Yongnuo flashes and just added some Godox speed lights to work better with my new strobe. I think that's it.....
Finding the right pose for this shot wasn't easy. First, I tried shooting with the baby's head pointed right at me and my husband facing me straight on. I couldn't tell she was there, she blended right in. The profile shot with the medals (ribbons) showing turned out the be the best. I would suggest thinking about what you are passionate about and what tells a story about who you are and what your family values. Then create an image around it.

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