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katharinetrucanoreesey January 14, 2016
My favorite car on the planet…love your perspective here!
jimhelmick January 14, 2016
Superb shot, excellent perspective.
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Behind The Lens


I met a gentleman that is a huge Corvette fan and a car collector! After telling him that I too was a Corvette fan he invited me to his special garage in Virginia where he houses ten beautiful Chevrolet Corvettes. He allowed me to take as many photos of them as I wanted in return he just wanted a print of each of them to have framed and hang in his garage.


It was in the middle of the afternoon. The Corvette was inside with not so great lighting. So I brought in my studio lighting and set it up to get the right shot!


I wanted this photo to reflect the beautiful body lines of this car. So it took me over an hour of playing with the lights to get the look that I wanted.


I used a Canon 6D, a Canon 24-105 mm lens, a Dynatran tripod, and two big studio umbrella lights.


I was an auto technician for twenty five years before turning my hobby of photography into my career. Even though I don't work on cars as much these days I am still a huge car guy! I am especially fond of the Chevrolet Corvettes! I have been since I was a little kid. There's just something special about them! Sexiest car around for sure!


I did a little post processing in Lightroom. And of course I cropped the photo to get the special shot I wanted.

In my camera bag

I carry a backpack with my 6D, 24-105 mm, 50 mm, flash, remote, battery charger, filter kit and tripod.


For someone wanting to capture a similar image... would say stop and close your eyes and picture in your mind what you want the photo to look like. Look at all of the details. Light, angle etc. Then open your eyes and start working one thing at a time to make the phot from your mind.

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