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haidersalih December 26, 2013
Lovely shot and well done DOF.
onyanita December 29, 2013
he sure does look relaxed! Love the background colorful twinkling lights.
CanonCarolyn December 30, 2013
Christmas card worthy! Really cute picture!
LaurieS December 30, 2013
How cute, great capture
Santeaa December 31, 2013
So so cute and love the bokehs
sdnewton January 02, 2014
Totally endearing!
rach_who January 13, 2014
Adorable shot
dano January 30, 2014
This fine photo would fit well into the project "Cute and Just for Fun"!
philmit February 23, 2014
This some lucky dog, the photo captures the contentment and how valued the dog is. Looks like some Jack Russell genes here.... This our spoilt friend.. a Jackie...

Holiday Relaxation





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