Model Eva Plesnik

boudoir shoot with natural light

Model Eva Plesnik

boudoir shoot with natural light
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soberland June 17, 2015
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soberland June 17, 2015
Beautiful..congratulations !
SeeingThroughLens July 09, 2015
Nice composition....the pink came out stunning...good job!!!!!
nikolaihessenschmidt August 17, 2015
Amazing, so beautiful
BrunoHeeb PRO
BrunoHeeb September 06, 2015
stunning shot,got my vote
gratitud October 02, 2015
gunners42 June 07, 2016
Nicely done.........
DutchTouch PRO+
DutchTouch June 29, 2016
The lighting is exquisite!
samuelnunez May 03, 2017
pietnel September 12, 2017
Amazing shot beautiful body great to see no tattoos
Peter.Tuck April 16, 2018
Stunning shot. I love the simplicity and beauty.
fotosbybh PRO+
fotosbybh July 23, 2018

Behind The Lens

"The photo was taken in my home studio in Cerklje na Gorenjskem, Slovenia. We (me and my husband) have beautiful apartment under the roof with 12 square meters of glass wall, so this is all natural light."
"Our glass wall is turned to east, so we do all our photo-sessions in the morning light. There was this beautiful soft morning light just pouring in the apartment, surrounding the model.The date of the photo is 25.4.2015 at 10:15 am."
"This is all natural light, as are most of my boudoir photos. The apartment is very bright, so I can play with the bouncing of the light around the walls. All that we used was a silver reflector on the left side of the photo to have a bit more light hitting her from behind, making the photo a bit more interesting."
"The photo was shot with Canon 5D mark II, lens EF 24 - 105mm f/4L IS USM, at 92mm, f 4.0, ISO 200 and time 1/160s. I don't use a tripod, this is all handheld."
"The photo was taken while I was building my portfolio as I was starting to shoot boudoir. I had a model call out and Eva replied to it, so we scheduled a session. I always loved photos by the window and I wanted to make a photo that is sensual but not too revealing. Since then I have developed my style exactly in that way."
"Yes I do post-processing. I used to work as a retoucher, so I do all of it the old way. I always shoot RAW and I do my first post in Camera RAW, then I import in Photoshop. I clean the photo, do dodge and burn and I correct the saturation and hue. Then it is all about the feel of the photo in your head, I just play around with curves and blending modes to do the toning. I didn't do too much on this photo as it was already almost perfect SOOC."
In my camera bag
"My camera bag holds my camera body Canon 5D mark II with a battery grip, Canon EF 24-105mm f/4L IS USM lens, Canon EF 50mm 1.8 II fixed lens, charger, remote for the lights, remote trigger, usually a tripod (which I don’t use), some wet wipes, some clean cloth for the lenses and a USB cable for downloading images. And several cards of course. If I am able to use tethering (which I love to use), there is a tethering cable and a laptop."
"I’ve noticed that a lot of people don’t have the patience and expect too much too fast. Everything takes time so don’t give up, be persistent and put yourself out there. Let others see your work, it is the only way to grow. You can’t please everyone, but the ones who love your work will find you. Don’t be discouraged and don’t stop dreaming. Do not try to copy images from other artists, find an inspiration in them and make your own image, your own vision. Each person is unique and so is his vision, so be yourself. Also be professional, even if it is just a hobby. Do that extra step, retouch the image again, remove the image, if it is not perfect to your eyes, repeat the shoot if you are not happy with it. Don’t settle for mediocrity. Passion has to be there, but you have to do the work too, passion is essential, but it is not enough."

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