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4 Comments | Report
focusin73 July 27, 2015
Magical image!
TrueBeatnikPhoto September 03, 2015
spine tingling beauty. Amazing shot!
candicemacmillan October 19, 2015
Mythical. Wonderful colors.
dougplume PRO+
dougplume September 06, 2016
Wonderful image

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Behind The Lens

This photo was taken in a beech forest called Otzarreta in the Natural Park of Gorbea. It's a well known place for landscape photographers here in the Basque Country.
I had been wanting to photograph it in misty conditions for a long time, so I went there quite early on a rainy morning. I think the fog adds so much to the mood of a photograph, this one makes you feel like you are in an enchanted forest.
Landscape photography is all about the light, and that perfect moment, so in this particular location it's not always easy since everything is covered with the branches of the beech trees, but it all worked out perfectly with the natural light coming from the sides of the river and the forest.
This is a two second exposure, so obviously I needed a sturdy tripod.The camera I used was a Canon 6D with a 24-105mm lense. I also used a ND filter in order to get that silky mood on the river.
I always try to visit a location several times per year, especially if it is so close to home. So in this particular case, after taking the same photograph on so many different conditions I wondered what it would be like if it had that mysterious touch, so it was a matter of coming back at the right time and with the right weather.
I always shoot in RAW in order to have all the information when I go into the computer. I always use Adobe Lightroom for my post processing so I did all the basic processing and worked with the green tones of the grass and leaves.
In my camera bag
Depends on what I am shooting. If I am working on landscape photography I always take my Canon 6D with a 17-40mm if I am going for a wide angle or the 24-105mm if I want more reach. Obviously a tripod, a remote shutter release and filters. For me it's the 10stop ND filter and several NDgrads. When I'm traveling light I use a Fuji Xpro 1 along with the Fujinon 18-55mm and the 35mm 1.4.
Be constant with your photography. Always work the scene, the light and the mood. And most importantly go back to the same place, you never know what you will find next time you are there.

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