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Angels on earth

Angel-like photo of 2 years old Daniel

Angel-like photo of 2 years old Daniel
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louisgeoffroy September 07, 2017
Il n'y as plus belle photos que celle de l'innocence . Bravo
chicopalma PRO+
chicopalma December 17, 2017
Muchas gracias!! :-)

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Behind The Lens

When I was out with my 'Little Dani' (grandson) in a parc for kids near the cathedral (La Seu) de 'Palma de Mallorca', during a long time of playing and running, the 'Little' got hungry. No problem, because nature has the perfect 'Suck-In-Restaurant' for 3 years-old - their MUM. Normal, that little Dani on his birthday, after playing, needed a rest at mum's breast. For me - the perfect moment.
I'm normally a FUJI XT1 photographer, but that day, 20.9.2014, on 7pm, I had my PANASONIC DMC-FZ100 with me. Family photos, with a zoom, for me it was ok.
The soft afternoon light in this scene, I liked very much. Technical data: 1/400s / f/4 / 70mm and high ISO 800. Taken below a high tree with afternoon sun from left.
A shoot, - free standing out of hand.... with my PANASONIC DMC-FZ100 (as mentioned above). No flash. Only natural light used.
During the afternoon I've taken many (family) pictures of the 'Little's' birthday party. Noisy, a lot of sun, many kids around, - so called 'real life'. And then, this VERY intimate moment of having the 'Little' on her breast - amazing. So tranquil. So happy. So relaxed. Another world.
I think.. no 'great' post-processing. May be a bit of light correction. As the photograph has been shown off at 'LOUVRE MUSEUM, Paris' last year among a SEE ME exhibition of 'Bodies', I didn't work much on that.
In my camera bag
I don't want to have 'heavy' bags..... so I normally only put my FUJI XT1 with the FUJINON 18-55mm and my X100 in my bag. Always with me a simple EF-X8 flash light (if necessary). Also.. a mini GORILLA tripod and a lightweight BENRO tripod. Beside small reflectors.
Really not much, but... take your time for candid portraits AND wait for the perfect light scene. Use the best lens possible (in my case clearly there are better ones out there). The final result, you see here, has to TOUCH THE HEART of the viewer.

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