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mdanni March 30, 2010
very neat
Duff March 23, 2012
Very Cool!
Jeffrey_Marden July 20, 2012
Very neat shot!
eskimotwila July 20, 2012
AWESOME perspective and point of view!
tsambaproductions July 20, 2012
nice decision
billy1968 August 09, 2012
nicely done!!
GBloniarz August 09, 2012
Just stands out and hits ya in the face!! Power scene ... up-side down!
JeffreyA August 09, 2012
ok that just plays with my mind
PSJPhotography August 09, 2012
Ok, I am dizzy. Great work!
lbernardin August 25, 2012
Wow! Great entry.
Serendipity1 August 25, 2012
Very nice!
Angela_Lewry September 12, 2012
Brilliant photographt :)
Lorenzo February 05, 2013
Extreme creativity. Great presentation Visko!






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Behind The Lens

Photo was taken in downtown Athens, Greece.
It is taken around 8AM
No artificial light has been used. It was very clear sky, early morning.
It was Sony Alpha 350 with Sigma lens.
I wanted to capture the contrast between the blue sky and grey background of the wall. Afterwards, while looking at the photo on the computer, I started rotating it and suddenly the phot got completely different dimension and feeling when it was upside down.
Usually, I am trying not to over process the photo. I'm using Adobe Lightroom.
In my camera bag
Now I'm using Sony SLT 68, Sigma Lens 8-17, Tamron 18-200, Zeiss 50mm and Hoya 28-80 (portrait lens).
I'm trying to capture interesting light reflections and quite often I like to take the photo with strong backlight, to emphasise the silouete.

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