Staff Winter Selection 2015
Superb Composition
RasulRAUMA Marnes beberatcliffe hopeharringtonbuckley BlueMaxPhotography hwishnick KLovejoy +12
Top Choice
markenglish rosemarymartin Lindaspics gregflynn pietnel bgalocha cjshim +7
Outstanding Creativity
ROADSIDE-PHOTOGRAPHY DocTom michaeldeblieck Snooky DexHortonPhotography
Absolute Masterpiece
shaunmillar pamcann dnickerson
Peer Award

Behind The Lens

On mythic Island, Island. Here is in the farm on the North of island, north to Godafoss, the legendary falls.
I remember was afternoon, six o'clock. Snow storm closed the possibility to make a sunset shooting on the coast. I was taken the camera and i walked along a road, under the snow. I was on peace with the world and i found my muse called me for a shoot
there is no light. Gray 18% on all sky. i take out my Gnd and made it with boring sky
i had used my "Camilla", Nikon D3s with a 24-70 f/2,8 in free hand. I had monted a Lee filter Gnd 0.9 with circle polarizator behind
the hard long way for agriculture on a island like Iceland. Where the chill is a king and reigns with fist ferocious and absolute firmness. Where the plants are to bow his head to Captain Winter. where the plants are to survive with all their might. and the man tries to help
I make normaly PP only with Lightroom and enough. The shoot, if is good, not need else
In my camera bag
I have evrything with me. And my friend know this. According to the weather conditions that I will face, I put the photo backpack that I can help you to complete the shot. everything that comes to mind. all that helps me to survive. I have a huge backpack.
Go out home.away from your computer. Look around. slowly. bend. put yourself on the ground. lift up your eyes. turn your head. look back and go back on your heels. hid them there is a different way of seeing things.

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