I've been a good girl Santa

Photo taken from the Xmas Project 2012-13
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Photo taken from the Xmas Project 2012-13
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Contest Finalist in The Joy of Holidays Portrait Photo Contest
Superb Composition
Bedtoretto Pops1106 Insanephotography tomsandlin marcocalandra89 SalmaIsmail100 J.C.Celmer +25
Peer Award
learwoody grandpa_Vlad Mandarinetto1965 sapalsky LeeVarland roximax EloIm +12
Outstanding Creativity
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Top Choice
jongodfrey daveburrows_1297 Albert-Serra-Photography alexgrinberg acha'alcamba cairon Hof66 +4
Absolute Masterpiece
CVPhoto astridracosta jarrodunruh earlyimage 18ricco brandonrudich orianaburgio +3
All Star
edwardlrose Tigergal1991 charlesdpeters
Superior Skill
SettingSky paulaston carolhagood
Jaw Dropping
jdw007uk Grey_Fulton
Magnificent Capture
JerryPC57 Gilli_Photography
Exceptional Contrast

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danny42 PRO
danny42 December 04, 2013
great work.
CharlieBurgioPh December 05, 2013
thank you!
davidbidmead December 05, 2013
Festive atmosphere, colour and clarity are excellent.
CharlieBurgioPh December 12, 2013
I've loved Christmas since I was a kid and this inspired me the most, thank you!
onyanita Premium
onyanita December 12, 2013
beautiful capture with gorgeous color and composition
HDRotary PRO+
HDRotary December 18, 2014
Incredible Lighting!
CharlieBurgioPh December 20, 2014
Thanks a lot! Please read the story behind the photo below to know how I took this photo :)
davidbidmead December 19, 2014
Congratulations !
CharlieBurgioPh December 20, 2014
Thank you, Merry Christmas!

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Behind The Lens

This photo was taken in a place that is hearth and home to me which is my holiday country house in Sicily. A magical place hidden inside the woods of Ficuzza. I chose this as a set for my "Xmas Project" because it is where me and my family would celebrate Christmas every year and because it treasures so many happy memories. The place itself it's very cozy, rustic with a fireplace and the wooden ceiling which is exactly part of the nostalgic/romantic/dreamy mood that I wanted for this set of photos.
When my team and I work on a project, in this case on the "Xmas Project", the days have no beginning and no end. I think that is because we really love what we do and when it comes to Christmas we are totally carried away by its magic. This photo was taken on the 2nd of December back in 2012 and I can still remember designing and making the set as you see it in the photo and then being there telling the model "just let the kid inside you do the job".
The main aim of this photo is to tell a story, possibly my story and above all to portrait my feelings about Christmas and how I feel every year during the night of the 24th and Christmas day. What I wanted was a cozy place lit with soft delicate lighting falling on the subject allowing other minor light sources to be captured, like the fireplace and some of sparkling details of the dress too.
I used a Canon6D with a 18-200 on a tripod and continuous lighting with a large softbox applied.
Since I was a kid I have always lived Christmas in a very special way and that is why I like to make a project about it every year. I like to interpret Christmas in an always different way, celebrating it in order to preserve the true and deep meaning which is often forgotten and replaced by consumerism. I think that the colors, the vibes and the scents of Christmas inspired me to take this photograph. If you look closely you will see that the set includes different elements from fashion to stuffed animals and nothing has been placed randomly.
Normally fashion photography/editorials require a lot of post-processing but I prefer to work harder before taking my photographs than after on a computer. This is because I want a more natural and close to reality kind of approach. The post-processing here was a quick skin softening and creating the vignetting effect.
In my camera bag
I like to travel light, so apart from my camera in my bag there is a Canon 40mm, a 70-300mm, one or two flash units and normally a tripod. It depends what I want to photograph on a particular day.
You really have to feel what you want to create and communicate through your photographs. Nothing is impossible to create, like somebody said, if you can think it you can make it so just focus on what you want to create and never forget that lighting is everything. Work on it and find your own light. Merry Xmas!

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