You are Missed Daddy





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Behind The Lens

This Photo was takin here in my house in East Texas. I am still learning and practicing and trying new things.
It was taking early in the evening since that is the time I am able to practice without 3 sets of little hands attempting to help me. I am honestly blessed to have so much time with my Grand kids but they do love to help so I attempt to practice after they have gone to bed.
To be honest I am unsure how I had the lights set up since I am kinda new to this I set up the lights and took a few pictures they moved them around till I thought I had it good.
I Used a Canon Rebel t3 It is my first good camera. I had the flash off since i was using my new lights I had just gotten . I know they are not the best there is but with just starting and helping to raise my 3 Grand kids I kinda use what I have and run with it
I was Inspired to take this after we had gotten the letter in the photo in the mail. My Dad was and always will be my Hero. He raised 3 kids while dealing with ptsd without knowing what Ptsd was.
I did load it up in Paint shop to sharpen it some and that type of stuff but did not do much to it.
In my camera bag
I carry a back pack with one side of it being my normal stuff such as wallet and such and on the other side zips around to open up my camera stuff . In that area is getting kinda full since it has my camera extra storage cards. Many filters and macro lens, and of course all the little things needed to keep the camera clean and such. Now I just need to figure out how to carry my Tripod with out hurting my back.
I wish I did but I am new to this my self and just keep taking pictures and trying new things and don't ever give up. Photography has always been something I love. For a while i was always taking pictures with my kindle My Family got tired of that and got me the Canon and I am in love with it!

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