My Father.

A portrait of my father.

A portrait of my father.
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Stefnie PRO+
Stefnie July 05, 2019
This is an excellent portrait with just enough shade to make it interesting. Love it
nickgriffinaustralia July 05, 2019
Thanks for the feedback Stefnie
nuevamonica July 29, 2019
Magnífico retrato. Habla por si mismo. Felicidades Nick!

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Behind The Lens

At my parents house about five years ago. I was down for the weekend and had my camera with me. I didn’t have an recent picture of my father at the time so thought it was a good opportunity to take one.
Just after lunch. We’d just enjoyed a chicken roast Mum had prepared and everyone was relaxed. My father was in the sunroom at the time reading the paper so thought it was a perfect time to capture him.
It was an overcast day and I remember the gentle light that was steaming through the window highlighting the side of my fathers face. It captured my imagination and reminded me of the lighting in a Rembrandt painting.
At the time all I had with me was my trusty Canon 400D with a standard lens on it. No tripod meant I had to awkwardly prop myself against the wall to compensate for the long exposure time.
I had recently been spending some time in the Adelaide Art Galley during the week and was fascinated in some of the early 18th century portraits. I liked the way the lighting gave prominence to the subjects facial features, especially on elderly people. I wanted to try replicating that in an image of someone prominent to me.
The original image was shot in colour in raw format. I converted it to black and white in Photoshop, adjusted the contrast and darkened the area on the left side of my fathers face to give the image more impact.
In my camera bag
In past I use to carry a lot, although when I took this image I only had my Canon 400D on me. These days I carry very little have reduced my entire photographic equipment down to a Sony mirrorless A7 with a standard lense attached. This keeps me flexible as it’s small enough to fit in a day bag and I can take it anywhere. I’ve learnt less is more when you want to be agile.
Pick a day that’s overcast. You don’t want direct sun light as it increases your risk of burning out the details. Ideally take it inside and position the subject about a chairs width from the window. Be prepared to experiment with exposure and if you can try to use a tripod unless you can prop yourself against something. Take lots and lots of pictures. Capturing the right expression on your subject will take time as they get use to the camera being in front of them. Use a 50mm lens or above if you can, this will avoid visual distortion. Most of all, make it about the subject. Make them feel comfortable and enjoy the process.

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