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GKennedy March 05, 2015
Very nice composition in this shot. The focus is crisp and the detail in the hair and eye's is great. I like the slight hint of blue in the eyes. It makes them stand out and adds a nice focal point. Great work on this shot.
rachelknorris March 05, 2015
Thank you so much
martyn_sison October 23, 2015
this is a superb shot i love the eyes and the way they drew my attention straight into them truly outstanding :)
rachelknorris October 23, 2015
thank you :)

Behind The Lens

Taken right in our backyard
This photo was taken late afternoon on a very cloudy/overcast day
This shot is all natural lighting with no fill. The snow did a good enough job of filling in for us.
Nikon D300s
My daughter and I love to have spur of the moment shoots and this was one of those times. I knew we would have to shoot fast as it was bitterly cold so we planned everything out but this shot was never a part of the plan. It just happened at the end and her expression was the result of the cold getting to her. This was the last shot we got before dashing into the warm house.
I shot in RAW and tweaked my highlights, shadows, and got a good overall contrast set. I left a hint of blue in her eyes but turned the rest of the image black and white to keep the focus on her face and eyes. I loved the idea of her eyes having a hint of "icy cold" color to them.
In my camera bag
My 50mm lens lives on my camera body. I rarely switch it out for anything. I do portraits mainly and have found the depth of field and the bokah I get with it is spot on. I bought it used fairly cheap and its been the best investment.
Just be aware that shooting in the elements especially with a child needs to be thought out. The moment she started to be uncomfortable we were done. One picture I took of her blowing snow from her hands, we used "fake snow" that is made with adding water. We actually used warm water and made warm fake snow.

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