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GordonD October 28, 2013
TomK October 28, 2013
Nice :)
Wayne_Sr November 08, 2013
Absolutely Beautiful B&W portrait....
Wayne_Sr November 08, 2013
herman-anwar November 08, 2013
fantastic shot...beautiful...
MaryAnne306 November 08, 2013
Wow! Incredibly beautiful B&W.
fotogalmexican November 08, 2013
dslrforever November 08, 2013
Beautiful! fantastic monochrome tones and clarity in the right places. Very nice!
normg123 November 11, 2013
Great contrast and detail throughout. This is the lighting I am trying to achieve, but never can. congratulations on an amazing shot
eleazarparedes November 14, 2013
Arindam December 02, 2013
its great!
Krishna_Kumar December 10, 2013
superb work! perfect
lito December 10, 2013
Lovely shot....
santhoshbankapur December 11, 2013
Nice portrait.
StudioLeFort February 19, 2014
Such a wonderful shot, lovely contrast and composition...
balli March 07, 2014
Vince542 March 20, 2014
Great shot, beautiful Indian!!!!!!!!!!
doko April 18, 2014
AnthonyAlpha April 18, 2014
AlanJakarta April 18, 2014
Marvelous mono portrait with lovely lighting. Congratulations.
chrisduffy_3142 April 18, 2014
Wow! great tones
Rl1956 April 18, 2014
utter beauty, congrats on being featured
symesie04 April 18, 2014
wow she is beautiful, great image.
catini April 18, 2014
Great portrait, congrats on your feature!
markfarrelly April 18, 2014
Unreal shot!
crickett267 April 18, 2014
Amazing, keep up the Great work. Please keep posting...
JDLifeshots April 18, 2014
Beautiful capture! Congrats.
WileKyK April 18, 2014
Amazing portrait. Congratulations on your Feature!
HectorRivera April 18, 2014
Just beautiful.
SarahKeates April 18, 2014
Fabulous shot! Congrats!
gervlove April 18, 2014
iceman2 April 18, 2014
Excellent B&W capture with great clarity and contrast.Congrats!
ejdelamora April 18, 2014
kkat April 18, 2014
Super Portrait!! Congratulations!!!
akhtarkhan April 18, 2014
!00% Indian beauty queen, gorgeous eyes well focus, excellent makeover, nice selective lighting and fantastic tonal range.......brilliant B&W capture. Congrats on the feature.
samarjyoti April 18, 2014
Made my day.... What a grt piece of art.. Boht eautiful... Very attractive face as well as amazing composition.... I will try my best to do stuffs like this in future... Thnx for this grt pic
samarjyoti April 18, 2014
Made my day.... What a grt piece of art.. Boht eautiful... Very attractive face as well as amazing composition.... I will try my best to do stuffs like this in future... Thnx for this grt pic
MarcoPoveda April 18, 2014
Espectacular, felicitaciones
amuschik April 18, 2014
Wessel-Domingus April 18, 2014
Super portraiture work Ivan. Excellent in every aspect
Wessel-Domingus April 18, 2014
Dang, now I am in love with her:))
SVPhotos April 18, 2014
Beautiful shot! Love it!
BrendonFidek April 18, 2014
This is unreal!!! Absolutely perfect!! Awesome job!!
fehmida April 18, 2014
So beautiful!! I am at a loss for words
rmr731 April 18, 2014
Beautiful work! Congrats!
tmlakshmi April 18, 2014
congrats. stunning
Chito April 18, 2014
she's gorgeous
paulatuckerhogan April 18, 2014
Wow...beautifully done....beautiful model!
SusiStroud April 18, 2014
Fantastic Portrait!!! Congratulations on your feature.
Soon April 18, 2014
So pretty!!
debhall April 18, 2014
WOW...Stunning! Congrats on your feature!
TabithaEasley April 18, 2014
Just Beautiful!!
sincityyyy April 18, 2014
WOW! Absolutely stunning! One of the most beautiful photos I've seen on Viewbug... or anywhere else for that matter... Congrats.
rg5858 April 18, 2014
Wow! Clarity
dareco April 18, 2014
BrunoCruz April 18, 2014
Great portrait, but don´t like the post processing to much.. less processing on the skin would be more natural.
Douglas_Kelley April 18, 2014
wow Not sure how you edited this one but Keep it up great work Congrats on the feature
Capture-Life April 18, 2014
Tac sharp... gorgeous portait..and a stellar black and white !! :):)
chrissy2rn April 18, 2014
I would love to know what tribal nation she is from?
jeff0921 April 18, 2014
very nice face touch up!!! impressive!!!
rhondamummert April 18, 2014
LOve the eyes!!:)
SuperT22 April 18, 2014
what a great photo
BowmanLifeStudios April 18, 2014
Awesome image, very striking image... The tones and lighting are excellent! Job very well done!
aayushmathur April 19, 2014
Amazing shot. Great details.
bungpandu April 19, 2014
woww.... amazing shot
karianne April 19, 2014
what can i say stunningly beautiful the perfect shot !!!!
Chasingthelight_67 April 19, 2014
This perfectly executed portrait does not help my photo envy. Absolutely brilliant!
Steveilad April 19, 2014
Outstanding work
johnniejae April 19, 2014
Beautiful shot, but so disrespectful to the Native Community. The warbonnet is a sacred symbol of honor and bravery that is gifted to our tribal leaders, veterans and a rare group of women who have earned the right to wear one. Not to mention that this is the equivalent of blackface....we are not costumes, trends or fashion accessories.
SaraSimplePhotography April 25, 2014
so annoying
kellywiens April 19, 2014
danielmartin April 19, 2014
Excellent! Very well done... ♫
CatNap April 19, 2014
ROLAN_3198 April 19, 2014
krishnajagtap April 19, 2014
gianfrancomarzetti April 19, 2014
Excellent B&W, nice compo
BillSepik April 20, 2014
Super nice
garyconnect April 20, 2014
wow well done
jerryputo April 20, 2014
Incredible B&W
LionesLens April 20, 2014
Congratulations! Love the clarity!
redwriter April 20, 2014
Great b/w portrait. Nice detail. Congrats. - Jake
BryceLewisPhotography April 20, 2014
She's very pretty!
No chief .. Hipster fashion bag #catwalkofshame #notyourfashion - note to self "The Indian Arts and Crafts Act of 1990"
Hipster violations =

The Indian Arts and Crafts Act of 1990 (P.L. 101-644) is a truth-in-advertising law that prohibits misrepresentation in marketing of Indian arts and crafts products within the United States. It is illegal to offer or display for sale, or sell any art or craft product in a manner that falsely suggests it is Indian produced, an Indian product, or the product of a particular Indian or Indian Tribe or Indian arts and crafts organization, resident within the United States. For a first time violation of the Act, an individual can face civil or criminal penalties up to a $250,000 fine or a 5-year prison term, or both. If a business violates the Act, it can face civil penalties or can be prosecuted and fined up to $1,000,000.

Under the Act, an Indian is defined as a member of any federally or officially State recognized Indian Tribe, or an individual certified as an Indian artisan by an Indian Tribe.
PallyDrome April 21, 2014
I find this offensive and degrading as a Native person. We as a people are not here for your enjoyment or entertainment and not meant to be used as props in your dress up game. We are #notyourtonto and #notforsale. Please take this down and try to be more sensitive in the future.
SaraSimplePhotography April 25, 2014
of COURSE someone will get offended.
RumbaughPhoto April 22, 2014
tinekeziemer April 22, 2014
mythical and magical!
clairewills April 23, 2014
love the eyes, stunning
rayclark April 23, 2014
patrickcahill_7812 April 23, 2014
fotogalmexican April 23, 2014
gunners42 April 23, 2014
not sure I like it...... but Congrats!
curtisgray April 24, 2014
Beautiful, Beautiful, Beautiful! And at the risk of being redundant Beautiful! I feel that there can never have too many B&W works of art.
hussain_666alsayyad April 24, 2014
one hell of a photo!!
BrianpSlade April 24, 2014
An instant 'Fav' for me hands down....Absolutely stunning.....the editing is spot on especially facially...one to be very proud of in my opinion.
Well done and congrats!....Brian
andrewwarwick April 24, 2014
Absolutely stunning. Great job.
Digitalwolfphotography April 26, 2014
gorgeous model and gorgeous lighting. Quite simply the best portrait on here. Congrats.
mikelea April 26, 2014
Expert, professional, master, elite, you pick witch one you would like to put before the word photographer! If they have a hall of fame for pictures this should be in there! What can I say that hasn't already been said, well done to you ìvanlee.
viewbug_georgem April 26, 2014
words can not describe it......
bbk April 26, 2014
Terrific b&w portrait.Great capture of beauty with a fantastic expression.Congrats on being a feature photo!!!!!!
imagineit April 28, 2014
Excellent! Congrats!
SHickey85 April 28, 2014
niharpradhan April 30, 2014
Clarity and Composition at it's Best without Colours!!!
angieparker May 01, 2014
This is stunning! Love the lighting, contrast and the model....perfection!
chariline May 02, 2014
samkynman-cole May 05, 2014
Very stunning shot.
tony54 May 07, 2014
OMG! WOW! This is stunning
philipbebbington May 07, 2014
Stunning peace of portrait work.Congrats
Photos_Marisa May 07, 2014
Is that all natural lighting? I'm so befuddled and curious to how you got such a masterpiece!!!
goober20101 May 08, 2014
great shot congratulations
michaelvereker May 09, 2014
Superb. Love the smoothness and sharpness combined
SteveFlint May 11, 2014
nice pp
QaisNajibi May 18, 2014
Too nice
SirArchie May 20, 2014
Beautiful model.
farhadhossain May 28, 2014
Stunning picture !!!
Dxlr8 May 30, 2014
This pic is insane....it draws my attention every time I browse....pic to be most proud of!
runcietta_marghe_4300 June 30, 2014
Wow, Congratulations. she is so Beautiful, well done..
iskanderulumbekov July 02, 2014
Chingachgook (Mr-s)
borislavaatanasova July 09, 2014
Absolutely Perfect!!!
kwelliver July 29, 2014
flawless composition!
philipbebbington August 12, 2014
Blown away by this stunning mono portrait image.Congrats
sdkmax August 13, 2014
absolutely stunning - good job!
billtowers September 11, 2014
A smoother, sharper image would be extremely hard to achieve. Your lighting and overall exposure must be as near to perfect as you can get. I don't know anything of the indigenous cultures surrounding the headdresss but unless it was used in a ceremony somewhere and not made as a costume there should be no grounds for those criticising it to do so. Great Photo and an exceptional lens on you camera as well.
szabolcskiss October 12, 2014
raissner October 28, 2014
Phenominal work!
AndrewVincent December 03, 2014
Tigergal1991 December 08, 2014
This is absolutely breathtaking! Well done!
abamjiwa December 22, 2014
beautiful shot. im amazed
TrevJel December 23, 2014
Its such beautiful images as this that inspire other photographers to try and capture that perfect shot, you've nailed this one, Stunning work.
FRiTZphotography December 31, 2014
Wow! incredible photo, its very moving!
geauxphotography January 03, 2015
Love her eyes!!!
rvalatino January 05, 2015
Love this shot!
paulatuckerhogan January 07, 2015
Fabulous! Fantastic model!
janstria January 08, 2015
wow, i have no words! great portrait and clarity!
amytimbs January 16, 2015
mafe January 18, 2015
Good job!
GordonD January 21, 2015
JimyB January 29, 2015
Incredible, just incredible
cheri February 03, 2015
Absolutely mesmerizing. I feel like she is staring right through me. Great work.
Jo-AnnGallagher February 06, 2015
Breathtaking portrait.
bmonty February 07, 2015
Her eyes... Wow!
xophoto February 17, 2015
Incredible... good work.
KatieMcKinneyPhotography February 17, 2015
Incredible capture! Its perfect
rain666 February 21, 2015
I am Native American and to some it is very disrespectful for a woman to wear a head dress. It was worn only by men for ceremonial purposes....
TedCobbett February 22, 2015
This is not just a picture, it is a piece of art!
elued29 February 26, 2015
kristinss March 05, 2015
Stunning.. great use of lighting and highlights..
elainebealsmith March 05, 2015
Great contrast, and absolutely beautiful!!
Tom_Floor March 06, 2015
christybruce March 07, 2015
I can't stop staring at her...
DarkStarPhoto March 07, 2015
LUsherLamacraft March 07, 2015
Wonderful B & W portrait.
rebeccaburgdorf March 08, 2015
Nikonover March 09, 2015
Lost for words,that is one hell of a shot,so detailed,love the B&W.
ReneeBlake March 16, 2015
stunning portrait. Congrats !
SuzyLabbePhotography March 16, 2015
KatAngel9 March 17, 2015
bedy March 18, 2015
Gilli_Photography March 24, 2015
Gorgeous Photo Capture! I love how you managed the contrast between the various shades of black and white!
ElizabethSPool March 31, 2015
Wow! just Wow! This is a masterpiece. You must be very proud and happy with this one.
Aussieuke May 10, 2015
Very nicely done.
Jasonboydduncan May 15, 2015
Perfect - love the clarity & the tone.
annettevannus May 25, 2015
Truly beautiful !!!
annettevannus May 25, 2015
Truly beautiful !!!
jimhelmick May 26, 2015
Wonderful photo. The woman is absolutely beautiful.
HappyTree May 27, 2015
Just stunning work, well done!
philippemichel June 07, 2015
This joins the ranks of photos that I will forever remember, just brilliant
PatChue June 11, 2015
Ozride June 15, 2015
chriswhitley June 16, 2015
mindykaye June 22, 2015
Stellar work!
chrisauditore June 26, 2015
Damnit Man ! This phototure is Freaking Awesome !!!! Lens used? Please ?
Nice work !!!!!
bartwebb June 26, 2015
Really love this photo!!great job...
NeonSprinklesPhotography June 30, 2015
WOW, just wow!
LeadyPhotography July 05, 2015
The contrasts are just spot on!
janicepinch July 06, 2015
Love her eyes!!
grahamhebron July 07, 2015
Good choice of subject - flawless skin and perfect eyes. But from a compositional point of view, it's a stunning image!
FazooLoo July 25, 2015
You have got the girl (model) face just right, fantastic, lovely shoot!
sws49er August 09, 2015
Danny_martin_10 August 17, 2015
Looks beautiful, great use of B&W. Congrats
WMurrayphotos August 26, 2015
shawnacall August 31, 2015
Love this! Absolutely beautiful!
Farhad_Hossain September 05, 2015
Excellant Portrait!
Happyshooter October 25, 2015
Simply beautiful, stunning.
BDSstudio_7 October 29, 2015
Awesome photo just so perfect!
custompix December 01, 2015
Wow... Fantastic work!
edvarela May 03, 2016
Join the conversation. Add a comment or even better, a critique. Let's get better together!
Veronica Micle September 07, 2016
Great picture !!!! I love it !!!
Dave_Bomb November 05, 2016
Superb work!
jackboyd December 10, 2016
i really love this picture i would live to take somthis like this the quality is outstanding
RapturedImage December 27, 2016
Absolutely stunning!
embas March 04, 2017
world class
embas March 04, 2017
pacinodeppfan1 November 21, 2017
Beautiful shot!
simonparry March 25, 2018

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