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ElizabethSPool March 21, 2015
Gorgeous scene! Very nice capture and compsition.

Skiing is life





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Behind The Lens

This photo was captured at Sunshine Village Ski Resort.
This is one of my favourite photos from my beginnings age of photography. It was one of our first ski runs of the day off of Wawa Chair. I remember waking up at 4am to make sure we got the perfect spot at Sunshine, then the clicks of my boots onto my skis and the rush flying down the hill. While I waited for my family to gather around, the warm golden sun lit the trees and made the snow sparkle. This was captured February 2015 around 9:30am.
While I began my photography journey I did not know much about lighten. While You can't control where the sun is, and you can only control the time of day, I would say I was "at the right place, at the right time". The way the outline of the trees, and the fact that you can see a story being shown makes for a very intriguing photograph.
For this shot I used a iPhone 4S with an aperture of f/2.4 at an ISO of 50.
I capture photographs in general to keep a memory, for the ability to look back on an event and remember the good or bad time. When I look at this photograph I remember The blue bird sky, the sparkling snow under my feet and the laughter of my family while we gathered around the dinner table. This photograph also captured Sunshine Village perfectly. The way that the sun is shinning, the snow pilled on the trees and views from all corners of the resort!
This photo did use much for post-processing. Some small light adjustments and an increase of saturation was all I remember doing. However since I took this photograph there are more adjustments I could do, such as the way in which I adjust the brightness or the shadows.
In my camera bag
The first thing I always have in my bag is the Canon 50mm 1.8 lens. In my bag you'll also find a Canon 75-300mm telephoto lens for capturing nature and I use it for portraits as well. I also have my kite lens and a wide angle lens that are my back ups. At the moment my camera body is my Canon Rebel T6s, however with new technologies and new personal abilities I am hoping to upgrade this summer. All this fits in my beautiful off the shoulder camera bag!
When capturing nature it's best to understand the different times of day. Where shadows lie, where the sun is, and where your subjects are. Be prepared for a sudden change or for new ideas. Come with multiple visions and try and do them all there it's changing a lens or your position or waiting another hour for the position of the sun. It all takes time and patience.

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