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Contest Finalist in Airplanes Photo Contest
Runner Up in Reaching For The Sun Photo Contest
Contest Finalist in Reaching For The Sun Photo Contest
Spider Holster and Book
Contest Finalist in Flair For Flare Photo Contest
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Superb Composition
TLTownsend eswenson2 katjahillebrandt eddiaz MHVIEW elenimanioti paulcorpus +88
Absolute Masterpiece
parasshah_8826 JChenevert SeektheShot MarkusD angelundercover MadisonW BtBates +55
Peer Award
Evgeniylord heidivandijk didijanssen chiphendershot learwoody grandpa_Vlad sharonhearn +44
Top Choice
PeterEvans23 menollymgull leonidmamontov noneoftheabove johnnapier BOULENGER alessandrosaggio +37
Outstanding Creativity
marydoan donnaclausen LaSheaW Rimbo rossano lauragoodsell Coach_25_0 +19
Magnificent Capture
redwriter philipconrad dennissahs iluv2shoot Albert-Serra-Photography Camera-Gypsy arwel +13
Exceptional Contrast
Meistermann TimothyPrincehorn Chryso philowen DC9legacy stwongphotography Zoeann +10
Superior Skill
lavonneripley dcsmommy Itsphotogirlmiami ayush_kulshrestha PhillipMinnis CPonsell Iamblessed +9
Jaw Dropping
Deepeshk Jessica_Lynn marthe Rl1956 1979 Ninika melissafarelli +3
All Star
edstines borderlight catherineanncross estercastillo08 digitalu AlanJakarta Tomek
akphotographystudio jimmoon_8772 srimanta
Top Class Lighting

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Airplanes Photo ContestTop 20 class
Airplanes Photo ContestTop 20 class week 2
Airplanes Photo ContestTop 30 class week 1
Lens Flares Photo ContestTop 20 class
In Front Of The Sun Photo ContestTop 10 class
In Front Of The Sun Photo ContestTop 10 class week 1
Reaching For The Sun Photo ContestTop 30 class
Reaching For The Sun Photo ContestTop 10 class week 2
Reaching For The Sun Photo ContestTop 20 class week 1
The Light Behind Photo ContestTop 10 class
Above The Air Photo ContestTop 20 class
ViewBug Image of the Year Photo ContestTop 30 class
ViewBug Image of the Year Photo ContestTop 20 class week 6
ViewBug Image of the Year Photo ContestTop 20 class week 5
ViewBug Image of the Year Photo ContestTop 20 class month 1
ViewBug Image of the Year Photo ContestTop 20 class week 3
ViewBug Image of the Year Photo ContestTop 10 class week 2
Flair For Flare Photo ContestTop 10 class
Flair For Flare Photo ContestTop 10 class week 1


44 Comments | Report
xXMartinXx September 30, 2013
WOW, what a fantastic shot Lloyd. This is awesome in every way.
parthgupta October 02, 2013
BEAUTIFUL shot man I love it!
debbiecram October 06, 2013
Absolutly brilliant...
mountainman70 PRO+
mountainman70 October 17, 2013
great action capture - love the contrast & the edit - fabulous cloud contrast - the composition just simply pops
westi PRO+
westi March 11, 2014
Love it!
Thimbee March 21, 2014
Congrats on a superb image-subject, composition
srimanta March 21, 2014
Congrats dear friend.....Fantastic image... love it.. :)Sri
Ninika PRO+
Ninika March 21, 2014
Congrats Lloyd! Stunning capture!
alanrobertson March 21, 2014
this should win hands down
p_eileenbaltz PRO
p_eileenbaltz March 21, 2014
STUNNING!!! Congratulations on being chosen a finalist.:) Good luck.
FrankSomma PRO+
FrankSomma March 21, 2014
Awesomeness Lloyd, congrats and good luck!
rmr731 PRO+
rmr731 March 21, 2014
Awesome capture! Congrats on being a finalist!
cmorisset PRO
cmorisset March 21, 2014
Simply stunning Lloyd, bravo for making the finalist. Love it!
ArtQ March 22, 2014
Congrats on your finalist award.
mountainman70 PRO+
mountainman70 March 22, 2014
congrats on the finalist award - good luck -
brentmorris PRO+
brentmorris March 22, 2014
Congrats on the finalist award it is well deserved
smshaffer PRO+
smshaffer April 01, 2014
congrats.. awesome shot
SheilaBlackburn April 01, 2014
Well Deserved Lloyd.....Phenomenal Capture !!
AndreaE April 01, 2014
Congrats on your win! Fantastic!!
mountainman70 PRO+
mountainman70 April 01, 2014
congrats man u won it all - yeah for u - great job
estercastillo08 PRO+
estercastillo08 April 01, 2014
CONGRATULATIONS !!! fantastic shot !
kasper PRO
kasper April 01, 2014
Congratulations. Outstanding shot.
CatNap PRO+
CatNap April 01, 2014
KathyHolliker PRO
KathyHolliker April 01, 2014
HOLY SMOKES!!! THAT IS AMAZING!!! How did you manage to find yourself in such a perfect situation? OUTSTANDING!!! CONGRATS!!!
angelsharum April 01, 2014
Congrats on the win!
TammyN April 01, 2014
Really neat!
marthe April 01, 2014
Behind-the-Fire-Scene PRO
Behind-the-Fire-Scene April 01, 2014
Stunning photograph - Congratulations Lloyd :-)
alanrobertson April 01, 2014
i knew this would win
bsturgis2 April 01, 2014
Wow...Well done great shot!!
AlanJakarta PRO+
AlanJakarta April 01, 2014
Superb capture which looks great in mono. Congratulations on being the Winner.
StuartWright PRO
StuartWright April 01, 2014
Congratulations my friend ! Great work
RhondaMcD April 02, 2014
Fantastic capture. Congratulations.
Kerry1 April 02, 2014
Great shot. Wow.
believeit2receiveit April 02, 2014
Congratulations on your win! Awesome shot! Well done!
ArtQ April 03, 2014
Congrats on your win.
Jeanne713 PRO+
Jeanne713 April 03, 2014
Awesome! Congrats!!
nicolaprojecteurddb April 04, 2014
Brilliant - well worthy win - congratulations :D
p_eileenbaltz PRO
p_eileenbaltz May 27, 2015
Congratulations (again), Lloyd.:) Good luck!
kathleenweetman PRO+
kathleenweetman May 31, 2015
Glad this did so well...personally I thought it the best shot.. I tried to take the red arrows in Liverpool and know just how hard this can be ....My attempt in awful grey weather achieved none of your magic....So I say...In my opinion THE WINNER...but congrats for the recognition....KATHLEEN
mountainman70 PRO+
mountainman70 May 31, 2015
congratulations on the runner up in the reaching for the sun contest - fabulous entry and well deserved honor
onyanita PRO+
onyanita May 31, 2015
that's so fantastic Lloyd...congrats on your Runner Up. Well deserved.
lisagallant June 01, 2015
Nice shot,great picture!
vincenzofalcone June 08, 2015
Emozione pura,passione intensa,eccellente lavoro!

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