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Behind The Lens

In Waco Texas in front of my dog grooming and animal photography shop.
I took this picture in late after noon about 3 o clock.
The sun was really bright on this day, I took several pictures at different angles, this is the one that caught the lighting just right.
I used a Canon power shop A3400IS, It's a small camera and easy to carry around and takes great shots.
I have a rare orange rose bush in front of my shop and it is so pretty , especially when the sun shines on it.
I did not do any post-processing with this picture. Some times i use filters in bright sun.
In my camera bag
I carry my Canon and a small Kodak, filters, and a small tripod.
The most important thing is lighting. As i said before i took several pictures and picked the one where the sun caught it just right. This was taken late after noon, when the sun was the brightest and was at a angle. I try not to take pictures at noon, when the sun is straight down, best is early morning around nine or ten o clock or late after noon between two and five,depending where you live.

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