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WolfEyesPhotography September 25, 2013
Awesome capture!!!
ilmar October 04, 2013
Very good UW shot. Wish I had been there also. Congrats.
toxictabasco November 09, 2013
Epic photo.
Arzhtatiana December 01, 2013
A great shot!
ybuhac February 22, 2014
Wow great shot, congrats
lito February 23, 2014
AlanJakarta February 23, 2014
Fabulous shot of this awesome predator. Congratulations.
wildlifelover February 23, 2014
Oufff ! From where ?
johngreene February 23, 2014
Congrats! Wonderful photo.
jaxdolfan February 23, 2014
Amazing capture with great detail and a well deserved feature!
catini February 23, 2014
Great sharpness, congrats on your feature!
iceman2 February 23, 2014
Beautiful shot.Congrats!
debhall February 23, 2014
WileKyK February 23, 2014
Awesome lighting and timing. You can just see her babies swimming with her. Congratulations on your Feature!
BowmanLifeStudios February 23, 2014
Spectacular capture great detail and color, this is a great underwater shot!
brentmorris February 23, 2014
RiccardoMantero February 23, 2014
Congratulations! Really clean and sharp, or shark...
sweetpea72 February 23, 2014
Incredible...Congrats!! (:
Bannekh February 23, 2014
Great shot
symesie04 February 23, 2014
Fabulous, great lighting and focus. And you captured the mood.
drakkardarkblade February 23, 2014
congrats, fantastic, please check out my works
Jewel February 23, 2014
Awesome shot! Congratulations on your feature!
HelenRea February 23, 2014
Amazing shot...nice work! :)))
annettemethvinshells February 23, 2014
Love the sun coming through great shot :)
AlexGaflig February 24, 2014
adamduffy February 24, 2014
Nice 1
KathyHolliker February 24, 2014
I hear that scary "Jaws" music....
GBloniarz February 25, 2014
Light, clarity, color, ... this image POPS! Congrats!
onyanita February 25, 2014
superb capture. Congrats on the Feature.
ncpcov February 28, 2014
Real nice indeed, nice lighting and impressive animal.
redwriter March 01, 2014
Super capture. Congrats. - Jake
reelwoman March 03, 2014
gunners42 April 09, 2014
carlowijayapramono April 10, 2014
tres joli...chapeau !
mark-bryant June 07, 2014
Awesome Shot
gondmagdi July 14, 2014
wowwww, love it !
cliveeariss December 31, 2014
Ahh the great white, so handsome, and what a great shot :)
alextri January 02, 2015
Amazing photo.
AliAlzuhair January 21, 2015
ilmar February 11, 2015
Voted for Marine Life contest.
kathymuhle February 16, 2015
Fantastic - voted Marine
OutOfTheWild February 26, 2015
Awesome capture Congrats
KTSFLOCK May 07, 2015
This is an awesome shot. I love sharks and love swimming with them!!!!
gunners42 August 12, 2015
Excellent.....way to go! Congrats!
carlosderesende September 28, 2015
Fantastic shot! Love the eye contact.
Take a look at this site you could help conservation efforts by just logging dive details of where and when you saw this awesome Animal.
ElaineH October 02, 2015
This MUST have won a few contests!
ryanbeutler January 22, 2016
That's amazing!
Kimbrat January 23, 2016
Incredible capture! Looks as though you were being sized up ....
p_eileenbaltz March 10, 2017
Voted in 'we love animals' contest.
franklinabbott March 30, 2017
hayleydavis_5206 December 18, 2018
Beautiful shot!

Rays on Giant

A large female Tiger Shark
A large female Tiger Shark
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Behind The Lens

In a dive site called Tiger Beach in the Bahamas. It is named after the Tiger Sharks present in this location. Tiger Beach is quite far from the land but it is named a "Beach" because of its shallow water (15-18 feet) and white sandy bottom
Two Sea & Sea strobes that helped lighting the body of the shark. The ambient light was controlled by the shutter speed.
Canon G10 camera with a wide angle port and Two Sea & Sea strobes
Sharks have reputation of evil creatures and it is so untrue. They are predators, this is true, but humans aren't their main course..
A little sharpening and noise reduction, some white-balance correction but the RAW image came out already quite good
In my camera bag
For underwater photography I use a compact, fully manual Canon G10 with 2 Sea & Sea strobes, a wide angle port, a close-up diopter, a high intensity focus light for macro shots, a night-vision kit for shooting florescence creatures, many rechargeable batteries and chargers, a laptop. For land photography I take my Pentax K7 and K5 bodies with a variety of lenses, depending on the type of trip and photography. I also take graduated filter for landscape photography and a flash. A compact carbon fiber tripod is also with me on every trip.
Before taking cameras on such scuba diving trip make sure that you have enough experience as a diver. If you want to focus on the camera then everything else must come to you naturally such as buoyancy control. Most sharks are shy. If you look straight at them they will probably swim away. Stay low, look away and as the come closer turn and take the shot. Don't zoom in with your lens. Zoom with your fins! The water density is much higher than air so you want very little water between you and your subject. In simple words - Get closer!! Be safe and always care about you and your dive buddy before your equipment or your shots!!

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