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Kruger National Park South Africa
This is one of my favourite images. It truly does not capture the VASTNESS I felt while seeing Africa for the first time, but I love the feeling it still evokes when I view it again and again. It was during one of our camp-to-camp drives in the middle of the day. Not too hot as I envisioned Africa to be, listening to Sting's The Best of 25 Years CD, and a sense of calm was over us all.
As a novice then, I did not use any special lighting. I was quite lucky! - 'beginners luck'.
For this shot as I did for most of that trip, I used my Panasonic DMC-FZ72EB-K Lumix Bridge Camera from a moving vehicle.
I must have shot EVERYTHING I saw in Africa. This was my first trip of three and I so love it I have over 1000 shots from each trip, and that's even after deleting the not so desired ones. I could not believe how vast Africa truly was. The continent is immense and when you get there, you're truly overwhelmed by it. There were many moments I was inspired to capture it's beauty, but this time, I was enchanted and I am glad you can see that too.
Very little post-processing, again since I was a novice. And for this shot, barely auto-enhanced.
In my camera bag
I carry my Panasonic DMC-FZ72EB-K Lumix Bridge Camera - (16.1MP, Super Telephoto 60x Optical Zoom, 20mm Ultra Wide Angle Lens), in a medium sized very light weight camera bag, with several batteries and several memory discs. For now - that's all!
While in Southern Africa, you just can't lose with great shots. My favourite times of the day to shoot - and the best times to game watch, were of course at dusk and dawn, but as you can see here in this shot, even in the middle of the day, late morning, you just could not lose capturing the beauty of this gorgeous landscape. We rarely needed tripods, but certainly used our zoom lens galore! Happy shooting!

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