Good morning!

Good morning!

Good morning!
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jleiweke September 21, 2013
Alannixon PRO+
Alannixon October 07, 2013
Love the light!

Behind The Lens

This photo was taken in southern Spain. I was on a photo shoot with two photographer friends. We wanted to explore this destination, located some two and a half hours from the area in which we live.
It was an early morning start to ensure we had time to scout around before the sun had risen too much. Arriving at a reservoir we separated and started to walk in different directions, looking for our own vantage points from which to take photos. As I passed a group of trees, the sun rose sufficiently to create beautiful patches of light falling on to the grassed area around the reservoir.
I had anticipated that my main focus at this location would be towards the water. The sunlight presented me with an unexpected opportunity for a land based image.
I shoot with with Canon 70D and when I arrive at a new location I tend to inititally use my Tamron 18-270mm zoom lens. Once I have more of an idea on possible photographic opportunities, I may use one of my other lenses. On this occasion, it was my zoom lens which was used.
It was the light streamers on the grass which caught my eye. The mountains and misty hollows in the background provided interest in the distance to complement the foreground detail.
At the time I took this photo I used Lightroom to process my images. I have since subscribed to Photoshop as well and now use these two photo editors. I import my photos into Lightroom to organise and carry out initial processing before passing through to Photoshop. There are different features in this program which I enjoy using.
In my camera bag
I have a wide angle 10-18mm and fish eye lens which I normally have with me. These lenses give me more options as far as different angles are concerned.
The image I captured on this photoshoot was a great example of how it pays to be open to any photo opportunity. Plan for specific images yet don't forget to look around and particularly behind you, you just never know what may present itself. I would also add that my camera is always with me. There have been numerous occasions when I have been thankful that I have been able to grab my camera and take an unexpected photo.

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