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wonderwoman627 July 28, 2013
Wow! love this. Awesome shot love the color and texture.
mylene_ralph August 02, 2013
CoopPix August 02, 2013
Surreally beautiful image!
julienjohnston August 02, 2013
Lovely light and shade and the trees and animals make for a great focal point!
ashleelouisereardon August 03, 2013
HarrieMuis August 10, 2013
and this one too, lovely view
GordonD August 18, 2013
Speachless... wow wow wow really beautiful
MissSandy August 18, 2013
Really lovely shot! Who knew California looked like this? Not this midwestern girl! Thanks for sharing!
Krishna_Kumar August 19, 2013
Bannekh August 21, 2013
Nice Shot
mclime August 21, 2013
Beautiful, nice light!
adoptedone August 21, 2013
Looks like heaven. Great shot! Congrats on award.
AlanJakarta August 22, 2013
Gorgeous shot. Congratulations.
onyanita August 22, 2013
magical! Congrats on the award!
valzart August 22, 2013
Exquisite shot & congratz on your award :D
Flosno August 22, 2013
Absolute magic image....congrats on your award
sam58 August 22, 2013
wonderful shot, congrats !!
jleiweke August 23, 2013
marcelfens August 27, 2013
Great shot indeed!
dimplestwn September 02, 2013
Something you would see in a it
GWC43 September 06, 2013
Beautiful image
jrhalphen September 08, 2013
Just breath taking!
Grevandi September 13, 2013
great shot...
TMKphotography September 25, 2013
I love this...I missing living in CA
allisonfaustbranson September 25, 2013
wow... how serene. beautiful!
lzozo909 October 03, 2013
Gorgeous capture :)
katrinmoe October 05, 2013
Amazing! Great shot!!
debbiemarxwade October 13, 2013
Love the vibrant color and rolling hills. Nice shot.
toonegal October 15, 2013
Stunning shot. Well done. Congratulations on your award - most deserved
RuwanFonseka October 20, 2013
Absolutely stunning in every aspect. Voted. Good luck.
Janjoeng October 22, 2013
Great capture!
Wonderful light. Nice composition.
kelzz November 02, 2013
most beautiful time of the year, a few months later and there would be a totally different feel and view. voted
hello7671 November 13, 2013
Great shot!
Arzhtatiana November 20, 2013
Nice capture and light!
susanneradke December 14, 2013
The forms, colours and texture of this landscape-shot are really unique, congrats!
meshersmith December 17, 2013
Fantastic, congrats!
anoopnamboothiri January 24, 2014
The effect of Sun is unbelievable ! Magnificent shot!
traceprinslooreppin February 19, 2014
...oh wow, great shot :-)
kristofkorwisi May 27, 2014
A lovely landscape very well captured-great work!
Capture-Life May 27, 2014
Aaaaaamazing... what a peaceful view.. I absolutely love this...! :):)
Eduardbetz June 11, 2014
Beautiful - so perfect. Love the light.
kathymuhle June 11, 2014
Beautiful textures and color - congratulations on winning Contest Finalist!
onyanita June 11, 2014
beautiful light..congrats!
ArtQ June 12, 2014
Congrats on your finalist award.
Lionel June 12, 2014
great shot
debbiekeithhellems June 12, 2014
I love this one! Congrats on the awards. You deserve it because when scrolling through the finalists, this is the one that jumped out at me :)
sandystewart June 12, 2014
Beautiful as only California hills can be. Super capture.
Kcole11 June 13, 2014
CPF_Photography June 13, 2014
Congrats for making the final, very well deserved
JDLifeshots June 13, 2014
Beautiful shot! Congrats.
diporzio June 13, 2014
daydreamer1203 June 14, 2014
It's my beautiful California!!! Thank you for such a beautiful shot!
CG August 28, 2014
Stunning Landscape
GigiJim08 October 19, 2014
Congratulations on your Award Todd!
ahmedfouadibraheem August 24, 2015
Well done.
Mirza_Cengic September 29, 2015
An amazing palette of green colors, just beautiful.
Robb October 04, 2015
really cool, looks sooo fake(animated)
Holl_ee April 13, 2016
marnie333 May 08, 2016
Breathing! Bravo!
marnie333 May 08, 2016
Last comment was supposed to say-- Breathtaking! Bravo!
trevorcq June 02, 2016
Beautiful Lighting.
AliAlzuhair June 02, 2016

California Mountains





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Behind The Lens

This was taken in the hills of Livermore, California. I was driving on a remote road up the side of Mt. Diablo and this was the view looking back.
This was taken at dusk. The sun was still quite a ways up from setting.
I loved the way the sun being low in the sky created the shadows on the back sides of the hills. Also I waited until the sun was shining a bit on the cattle.
I shot this with a Canon Digital Rebel XT and an 17x85mm lens @ 85mm. I rested the camera on a fence post because I didn't own a tripod yet.
I was just starting out with photography and this particular photo has inspired me to continue. I was hoping to get a sunset picture but this on turned out the best that day.
I did a little post-processing such as: unsharp mask, noise reduction and color correction. I also used a mask to blur the hills a bit.
In my camera bag
Well, now I have a Nikon D800 and a Nikkor 28-300mm lens. I just purchased a 16-35mm f/4GVR II AF-S IF SWM Wide Angle Zoom lens.
I have found the waiting for just the right time makes a big difference. Sometimes it's hard to be patient but it can be well worth it. I went out with something in mind and came away with a very different picture. But that's what makes photography exciting!

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