Summer Rain





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Farah July 07, 2013
love it! voted!
Little_dust_devil July 10, 2013
Thanks a million!
WileKyK Platinum
WileKyK July 13, 2013
Nice! Voted
texaaronpueschel Platinum
texaaronpueschel July 15, 2013
jojoxena July 15, 2013
Great pic!
photosue50 July 15, 2013
Awesome capture
debbie_hutt_085 Platinum
debbie_hutt_085 July 21, 2013
I luv this shot well done!
dripsita August 19, 2013
nice work....:)
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Behind The Lens

I grew up surrounded by flowers. My mom was a florest for quite some time and never let go of her love for horticulture. So this image was taken in her backyard and I remember that sunny day fondly.
I can't recall what time exactly but it was hot! My brother was spraying our old dog with a hose and when he got me with it I said wait a minute, this could be cool (literally and figuratively).
I had the hardest time with shutter speed when I was begining to learn the ins and outs of photography. Naturally I came out with either way too dark of an image or way too light. I finally got tired of this struggle and overcame my stubborness. I consulted a family friend on the subject and the next day bam!-life changed. This is actually the first successful image I produced while utilizing my cameras shutter speed capabilites. I remember being so excited I nearly toppled over!
I have since parted with the particular camera I used for this image. It was a little ol' FinePix S4200. Sure was a cute little guy.
It was probably the heat. I almost always go crazy when it's hot and I spend to much time cowering from it inside. But I needed to go outside because I'm the kind of person who enjoys being out. When there is not much else to do in those long days of Summer it's easy to slip into a storm of creativity. I really have my brother to thank for this shot, even if he was being a turkey by spraying me with a hose.
I wasn't even aware that that was something people did at the time I took this photo. That was yet another life changing revelation.
In my camera bag
Back then it was just me and my FinePix S4200! But these days it would be my new love, a Nikon D3300, and our two children a Af-S Nikkor 18-55mm lense and a AF-S Nikkor 55-300mm lense and we couldn't be happier.
Ask questions! My goodness, if you see something or have inspiration to capture a certain image but don't know how, do research! My learning curve was very slow due to my insistance on doing it all on my own. Also if you don't neccicarily know what shutter speed you need keep adjusting it until you find the right one! It is a loooonnnggg but rewarding learning process. Good luck and above all have fun!

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